Jack Huang

Jack Huang becomes an Economic Shareholder in the company

Yes, this calls for celebration! Jack Huang is getting the recognition he deserves at IBMH. The thing is…

These achievements are thanks to the excellent professionals we are proud to work with each day.

So, starting today, Jack Huang will be able to get involved in the management and improvement of the company. That’s wonderful news! In part because, given his track record and the success and growth of his current department, there’s no doubt as to his professional value. But besides being an excellent worker, Jack is also a great person. Today, we want to share his story with you in order to honor and recognize the magnificent work he does every day.

Jack Huang’s story in IBMH’s quality department

Jack began working at IBMH in 2013, 5 years ago. Initially, he was directly in charge of the company’s quality department. As a fun fact, it’s worth mentioning that, at first, he couldn’t speak any English at all. This meant that communication with him would be a real challenge.

And it was! But we easily overcame it… Just one year later, Jack could already communicate with us and perfectly understand everything we wanted to express. He had prior experience in the hardware industry. Previously, he had worked at a trader that specialized in the field. This allowed him to adapt incredibly quickly to IBMH, which was, of course, beneficial for us.

Jack continued to grow, and us along with him

With his arrival, the quality department started to grow dramatically. Jack Huang became a bona fide leader, supervising a team of more than 8 people. He has always been good at communicating the company’s philosophy and the quality standards we work with. In fact, he has played a vital role in developing the improvements made to our current exclusive quality control system.

Rigor, commitment and professionalism: the three pillars on which he has based his work all these years. Thanks to his special vision, IBMH is proud to have the best quality control system that exists in China today. An efficient system that directly benefits our current clients. No matter where they’re from, no matter where they are. IBMH has a presence in countless markets and has the capacity, knowledge and insight to offer the best service.

What Jack is doing today at IBMH

In 2018, Jack was promoted and went from being in charge of the Quality Department to being our International Product Manager. This new position will entail great responsibility for him and a big step forward for all of our clients. Thanks to him, they will enjoy substantial technical improvements to the hardware that they are currently importing.

Plus, they will be able to dramatically expand their product range of hardware imported from China with the incorporation of the most cutting-edge hardware offered on the international markets. Thank you, Jack!

At IBMH, we like to acknowledge people’s hard work and dedication. Especially those who contribute to our growth and knowledge of the international hardware market. That’s why, this new position in the company, with deeper and more direct commitment, is a reason to celebrate for all of us.

Thanks for everything!