We have the pleasure of announcing that, starting today, Kristy Zhang is an Economic Shareholder in the company.

Congratulations, Kristy! We all know that you’ve earned it. Your hard work and dedication are well known to clients, coworkers, suppliers and supervisors.

The thing is, being a leading company that manages hardware imports from China is one thing.But being able to say that you are truly “in good hands” is quite another. You’ll see that on many other companies’ websites, but we all know how hard it is to actually achieve that.

The confidence and pride with which IBMH grows year after year depends, among other things, on the excellent work of Kristy Zhang. Today, we want to congratulate her and dedicate a few words to her.

Kristy’s story at IBMH

Kristy Zhang began working at IBMH 5 years ago. Initially, she came in as a Purchasing Manager for our company. She had extensive experience with companies in our same industry.

From the moment she joined the company, everything changed drastically and for the better. Kristy was capable of quickly finding the places where IBMH needed to improve every step of the way. And best of all, she not only detected them, but also implemented those improvements directly and effectively.

Kristy has fantastic critical reasoning skills and common sense. She has an incredible knack for resolving potential problems, something which is rare among professionals today.

How Kristy progressed at IBMH

Thanks to her passion, effort and constant work, she was quickly promoted internally to Management Manager. This meant that she would go on to control the complete process of Sourcing, Purchasing and Logistics of all the orders we manage today for our international clients.

For us at IBMH, Kristy is a truly unique person. She’s the heart and lungs of our company, a special person in every sense of the word. Not just for her extreme level of professionalism, but also on a personal level. Kristy is someone cheerful and fun who everyone likes to be around.

Thank you, Kristy Zhang, for helping our Chinese hardware import company grow

Kristy has an innate talent for negotiation and dealing with hardware factories in China. She is capable of getting nearly everything that our clients ask for. She never gives up, is tenacious and highly persuasive. What’s more, she knows how to build a cohesive team at work, making sure everyone on her watch has a unified vision, mission and objectives.

From IBMH, we want to thank you for the hard work and dedication you have shown these last 5 years, and we hope to begin a journey together with greater commitment and involvement that will be directly reflected in the results of IBMH CORPORATION, Ltd.

Thanks for everything, Kristy!