Proactivity and Ownership

Today, we want to talk about two qualities that directly impact Business Productivity. At IBMH we constantly work to promote among our team: Proactivity and Ownership.

But how exactly do you define these two qualities?

A proactive person doesn’t need someone to tell them to act. Nor do they require detailed instructions, nor do they freeze in the face of a problem. Rather, they quickly analyze the possible solutions. They choose the one they consider to be most appropriate, and implement or propose it. In other words, they focus directly on the solution instead of the problem itself.

A sense of ownershipis found in those people who take responsibility for the consequences or results of a task, project, etc. It’s the opposite of “passing the buck” to other people or making up excuses to justify why they’re not doing everything that needs to be done to achieve a desired result. A person with this attitude inspires absolute confidence in whoever is delegating to them, and makes them feel that they are making the right decisions.

How to find out if Proactivity and Ownership are two qualities possessed by your team… and by you

Are you wondering if you actually have proactive people?

To find out:

  • • Analyze the extent to which they think before acting.
  • • Think about if they stop to predict and anticipate needs, risks and opportunities, or do they just set themselves directly to doing what they were told?
  • • Do they make sure they have understood what they need to do, or do they assume?
  • • If they ask, “What else can I do?” or do they wait for you to tell them?
  • • When they encounter a problem, do they freeze, pass it on to someone else?. Do they look for alternatives and propose solutions?

Do you want to know if they have a sense of Ownership?

  • • Evaluate the degree to which they take responsibility for the results that someone else asks of them. Whether a client, a supplier or you yourself.
  • • Think about whether they try to “pass the buck” to others or if they take full accountability on the subject.
  • • When they make mistakes, do they focus on finding solutions or on finding excuses?
  • • Analyze whether their commitment to something they are in charge of is complete and unbounded.  Do they limit themselves to “doing what they were told”.
  • • When you ask them to do something, do you feel you have absolute confidence that the results will be what you expect?… before the deadline and with the necessary quality, or do you feel you should cross your fingers and hope for the best?

Without a doubt, companies that promote Proactivity and Ownership—in other words, initiative and common-sense risk taking—in their employees and collaborators are the ones that stand out in their business management. Because this practice is a guarantee of excellent results, constant learning and an unbeatable work environment. Having complete faith in the people you work with is something you can’t put a price on.

If you want a team that offers you the proactivity and ownership you need, so that you have complete confidence that the result of all your furniture and construction hardware imports from China is a successful one, then IBMH is what you’re looking for. Contact us today!