The Air hidden hinge

The revolutionary Air hidden hinge is one of the most innovative hinges on the hardware market worldwide. It is characterized by its combination of the highest technical level and a sophisticated design that accommodates the hardware in barely 10 mm of space (minimum required).

The invisible hinge

This truly revolutionary hinge incorporates a soft-close mechanism to prevent the door from slamming shut which, thanks to its compact size, can be perfectly integrated with the cabinet or cupboard in which it is installed.

The Air hidden hinge is suitable for a large number of applications because its special design also makes it “invisible”. This feature is what brings us to a new era in the history of cabinet design: it’s now possible to open, close and slide doors in a way that is elegant and practically imperceptible.

The Air hidden hinge allows complete creativity and style

In this industry, technology is more intelligent each day, creating functions that facilitate minimalism.Wardrobes, cabinets, cupboards and other furniture pieces are increasingly convenient and less obtrusive.

The Air hidden hinge allows the cabinet manufacturer to express their personality with a custom design. And, if you ask us, the technical components should:

  • •be designed to offer functionality without detracting from the cabinets
  • •provide added value to the design in addition to performing their function perfectly


This hinge is placed behind the cabinet; best of all, it blends into the cabinet’s structure. Its secret is that it lies flush with the surface of the door and the interior wall of the cabinet. In this way, the hinge remains hidden and set into the cabinet imperceptibly.

The Air hidden hinge is unusually strong and can be adjusted in three dimensions. It contains a buffer mechanism when closing and allows an opening angle of 105°

.The Air hidden hingeThe Air hidden hinge

This hinge combines style and functionality. It is in line with interior design trends and is available in a range of finishes in dark tones. The trend is clear: dark surfaces and high quality.

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