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Today we’d like to introduce an interesting innovation that will greatly facilitate the task of transporting and installing kitchen cabinets. It’s a folding leg for kitchen cabinets with a weight capacity of up to 400 kg that offers great added value for industry professionals.

What is the process for this folding leg for kitchen cabinets?


The leg is placed at the workshop of the professional who will carry out the final installation. In this way, instead of installing the entire cabinet, they will just have to make a series of adjustments.

Also, with the easy folding leg:

  • • There is a better position for the cabinets during transport.
  • • You can prevent damage during the transport process.

At the installation site…

Once the kitchen cabinets are at the job site where the installation will be performed, the professional can use the leg as a means to slide the cabinets across the floor without damaging them.

After the final placement for the cabinets has been chosen, you simply have to unfold the leg to the vertical position and proceed to mount the cabinet without the need for tools for additional work.

The pre-installation of this folding leg for kitchen cabinets greatly reduces handling time and improves the quality of the installation.

Features of the folding leg for kitchen cabinets

  • • These adjusting feet for cabinets are also known as structural feet, structural legs and adjusting legs for cabinets. This furniture hardware is the perfect support for high-quality kitchen cabinets. It ensures maximum stability and level alignment in any situation.
  • • Suitable for any mechanical needsthanks to its high load capacity.
  • • Holds weight up to 400 kg for each leg in the vertical position and up to 180 kg in 45° position.This gives it extremely high resistance and the ability to support extreme loads.
  • • These highly resistant legs are made from top-quality ABS.
  • • Easy adjustment even with heavy loads, plus a large adjustable leveling foot for adjustment in hard to reach places.
  • • Durable design combined with easy and practical assembly. Allows for a minimum adjustment of 90mm and a maximum of 180mm. The leg has two attachment positions that provide a wide range of measurements in terms of height adjustment.
  • • High-end leg that ensures a perfect leveling of all hardware.


Folding leg for kitchen cabinets

  • • Adapter base for attachment with screws.
  • • Minimal assembly times and easy system for both assembly and disassembly.


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