stopping to improve your hardware business

In any business, it’s necessary to stop, pause, think, and take some time to analyze things. It’s hard to do, since daily activities bring inertia, but the importance of stopping to improve your furniture hardware business is that it will allow you to be more profitable, efficient and active. And let’s not kid ourselves, that’s what we all want for our teams. Who said that stopping is contradictory to advancing? Let’s take a look…

Stopping to improve your furniture hardware business. How? Remember two essential concepts: CPS and Attention

We’ve spoken a lot about this in our previous posts: we know that, if IBMH is an industry leader, it’s thanks to our human capital. We have managed to form a team of professionals with an attitude of constant improvement and who are always ready to try new experiences that will help us be more efficient and enhance our results.

There are two methods that, to us, are essential for good progress in business, and we want to share them with you: CPS (Creative Problem Solving) and careful Attention.

Method #1. CPS or rethinking internal processes in a way that’s creative and innovative

Challenge people to think differently in their day-to-day tasks in the company and follow these steps:

  • • Explore the challenge: this means identifying the objective, gathering information, and clarifying the problem.
  • • Generate ideas: ones that may offer solutions.
  • • Prepare for action: of all the proposed solutions, make a selection of the best ones and then plan to use them.

True, it’s not an easy task. It takes time, without a doubt, and most of all you have to trust that you are implementing a process that, in the long run, will pay off. At IBMH, when we went through this process, interesting actions came out of it:

  • • proposing and organizing daily routines better.
  • • improving our PMP platform.
  • • innovating with our PMP platform and developing an equally complete app for mobile devices.
  • • investing in other areas that so far had not received as much attention.
  • • improving and consolidating our marketing.
  • • assisting our clients even better.

Method #2. Attention: “I day-trade attention.”

We were very curious when we saw this quote from American businessman Gary Vaynerchuck. And after studying it, we propose that you work it until you “make it your own.” Some ideas for interpreting it:

  1. We must keep innovating and creating new ways of getting our clients’ attention and improving our services and products.
  2. We know that everyone loses focus sometimes. Without a doubt, there is a high level of “multitasking” in our companies, but we must also learn to stop and determine new, clear objectives.

After our period of reflection, we decided—as an organization and as a team of professional experts in our industry of construction hardware and accessories—to meet the following requirements: to pay attention, direct and control that attention in each and every one of our processes.

IBMH: grow with creativity and attention

At IBMH, we’ve learned to stop and take time to rethink our organization. It’s an arduous task, even dizzying at times. Is it okay to stop giving service now? Are we sure we’re not making a mistake? Will we be losing potential clients or, even worse, wasting time?

The answer is a resounding NO. The best thing you can do for your furniture hardware business is STOP TO:

  • • rethink your business.
  • • study and understand the evolution of the market and society.
  • • see how it could be more profitable.
  • • optimize the organization’s human and technology resources.
  • • learn to delegate: who, where, in what area.
  • • select which areas to outsource.
  • • search for and find suitable partners who can help propose new ideas and resolve pending matters.

If you are stopping to improve your furniture hardware business, how can IBMH help?

Our Purchase Management service is VERY comprehensive and our commercial proposal establishes long-term professional relationships that allow you to:

  1. think about new import strategies.
  2. improve processes.
  3. expand your catalogue with highly profitable and competitive products.
  4. learn about new hardware and markets.
  5. improve prices and expedite timelines.
  6. always focus on the highest quality.

At IBMH, we are leaders in Purchase Management of construction hardware and accessories in China. That’s how we know that, to be truly effective, you have to: take the necessary time to analyze things.

We’re glad to know that you paused at least long enough to read this post… now what?

Do you think now is the time for stopping to improve your furniture hardware business and thinking about new import strategies from China that will enhance your company?