Sun Tzu's 'The Art of War' applied to enterprise and business

Sun Tzu’s treatise ‘The Art of War’ is one of the oldest known and one of the most widely used today. Not only in the military field, but in business as a method to plan a good strategy. What can we learn from this manuscript and how to take advantage of it in our business?

Sun Tzu, an honorary title that translates to ‘Master Sun’, was a general and military strategist, who firmly believed in planning to obtain victory and overcome any crisis.

How to apply the philosophy of ‘The Art of War’ to business

As in the warlike aspect when we want to achieve a business objective we must plan. Draw up a strategy, know how to adapt to changes and be strong in the face of adversity.

+ The importance of planning

Whether the goal is to increase sales or expand into an international market. Or publicize a new product, so should be the planning. The path that helps us reach our goal.

According to Sun Tzu, you don’t just have to plan. We must also anticipate what may happen, have a plan B to solve possible problems and that do not affect our business model.

+ Information is power

Throughout the work ‘The Art of War’ it is commented that in a battle whoever has the information has the winning. Something similar happens with the business world. Knowing how the market is, how users move, what their needs are and what the competition does will give us an extra advantage that we must use in our favor.

+ You must consider all the variables that may influence the business

There are factors that we can have under control such as products or services or current sales. But there are others beyond our control such as the financial crisis or changes in the market. What Sun Tzu wanted to teach in his manuscript is that it is useless to stand still. Even if they are variables that we cannot handle or that escape our domain, we can always do something to turn the winds in our favor.

+ Your company, your team

Those who will fight by your side in achieving business objectives are both managers and employees and suppliers. Therefore, it is important that everyone rows in the same direction, that the tasks are well defined. As in ‘The Art of War’, that talent is valued and that periodic meetings are held in which common aspects are discussed.

+ If you want to win you have to become the best at what you do

It seems a cliché, but it is true that the company that wants to cover the market niche of its sector must specialize not only in the sale of products or services, but also in customer service. In addition to listening to their suggestions, complaints or needs.

+ Mistakes are a source of learning

In the treatise ‘The Art of War’ it is said that during chaos there is also opportunity. And that from mistakes you can learn as much or more than from the best teacher. A good leader knows that mistake does not mean losing a battle, it is only a stone on the road from which to emerge stronger.

Do you think Sun Tzu’s philosophy in ‘The Art of War’ can also be useful for your company?

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