Canton Fair, the most important fair for hardware business


This year, IBMH will once again be attending one of China’s most important apoitment:The Canton Fair, the most important fair for hardware business.

This fair, which takes place in Guangzhou twice a year, in spring and fall, is one of the most important commercial events on the international level. This is where the largest variety of items are presented, with participants coming from all over the world and yielding the best transaction results in the country.

It is co-organized by the People’s Republic of China Ministry of Commerce and the People’s Government of Guangzhou province.

The Canton Fair ( is divided into three phases. The first, from October 15-19, is when you can find exhibits related to suppliers for furniture and construction hardware,... and is where you will definitely find us.

The other two phases of the fair, in October and November, are geared towards consumer products: gifts, décor, shoes, textiles, etc.

Are you planning your visit to the Canton Fair, the most important fair for hardware business?


Canton Fair, the most important fair for hardware business

Planning your visit to the fair in advance is essential. Finding a suitable supplier is extremely complicated, because:

  • – 80% of the companies presented are trading companies that don’t actually manufacture anything.
  • – On the other hand, approximately 15% of the vendors claim to be manufacturers, but all they really do is assemble existing parts. They buy pieces from different factories, and their function is merely to put     the parts that they have purchased together, like a puzzle.
  • – Only 5% of all vendors are true manufacturers. IBMH, as your Strategic Sourcing Office for China, can help you identify them.

We are the largest hardware consultancy in China, and our ample experience in the industry on the international level, along with our in-depth knowledge of the market in China, allows us to identify the major manufacturers in every industrial area of the country.

In fact, we have access to the best manufacturers, both those that attend these fairs as well as those that do not.

With IBMH, you can always work directly with the right manufacturer according to your business’ needs, with no middlemen.

If you’re in the city, please feel free to come visit our offices; we’ll chat, introduce you to our team and personally answer all of your questions. And if you are planning to come to China but don’t know when yet, now you have the perfect excuse to make your business trip a reality. Contact us, with no obligation, and we will be delighted to assist you.