The REVO 270º Corner Hardware in Steel with Non-Slip Base is also known as Hardware ¾, Hardware for Corners, Corners, Swiveling Trays and Turning Lathe.

This Chinese hardware belongs to the Corner category, also known as Hardware for Corner Furniture, Removable Corner, Hardware for Corner Cabinets, Turning and Corners.

This hardware has an innovative technology in a classic solution for corner cabinets in integral kitchens. The frame and the baskets are presented in separate boxes, but the unit of sale corresponds to the union of both boxes.

Its excellent control mechanism of new development allows a controlled flow of movement in all its phases, from the soft closing of the doors, to a really animated rotation and the movement of automatic closing. In fact, with a single hand movement the closing speed can be adjusted without using tools.

In addition, it is ideal for optimal use of space, its shelves are adjustable in height without steps. A third shelf can be installed without any problem to add even more space.

The door of REVO 270º Corner Hardware in Steel with Non-Slip Base easily inserts inside the cabinet and with a simple and slight push, it rotates a total of 360º together with the hardware. When it finishes its movement, it is again located in its original position in front of the cabinet.

This Corner Hardware has an exclusive DUPONT ARENA anti-slip system in all its baskets, which prevents its contents can be moved during the movement of opening or closing the hardware.

The trays can be easily adjusted in height, and the door can be installed and regulated quickly, as it has an extraordinary system of fixing and adjustment in three dimensions. The trays are very stable during their rotating movement, without producing any type of shaking, due to the unique design of the rotating structure.

Read more details about Corner Hardware:

– The maximum load capacity is 30Kg, and a maximum recommended of 15Kg for each tray.

– Available for furniture or cabinets of 900mm x 900mm.

– It has the exclusive Soft-Stop Closure that provides a really soft and quiet closure.

– Available for interior heights of 660mm to 860mm.

– For its correct installation it is not necessary to fix it to the top panel of the cabinet.

– The central tube is telescopic, allowing an exact adjustment to the desired size.

– The door is installed without any tools and the closing speed can also be adjusted without using tools.