hardware imports to be affected by

As we mentioned in our September newsletter, as experts in Strategic Management of Chinese exports of hardware and accessories for furniture and construction, IBMH recommends that you place your final orders for the year during the first weeks of October if you don’t want your hardware imports to be affected by the Chinese New Year.

And in addition to taking this situation into account, you should also be aware of other relevant factors that may influence your orders:

  • The new, rigorous control measures from the government
  • Constant increases in the cost of raw materials, especially cardboard

For this reason, if you place your orders now, you will avoid a series of almost certain inconveniences, such as:

  • More expensive maritime transport
  • Quality issues
  • Delayed shipments

…and also the devaluation of the dollar

And as if all those reasons weren’t enough, now we also have to consider the sudden and dramatic devaluation of the dollar on top of it!

devalulation of the dollar

Updated graph dollar devaluation, september 30th

At IBMH, we are always alert to any circumstances that could affect the imports of our clients, doing everything within our power to minimize their effects.

It is true that, thanks to our high volume of purchase management through all of our international clients, we can obtain the best conditions in terms of both price and service, but we need your help by collaborating and advance-scheduling your orders so that we may continue guaranteeing our management as we have up to now.

If you don`t want your hardware imports to be affected by any circumstances, IBMH works for your best interests and offers responses in record time with customized solutions for your needs. If you aren’t a client yet and you want to improve the terms of your next import of furniture and construction hardware, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be delighted to help you.