7 marketing strategies to better position your online store

No one misses how important it is for companies to have an online presence as well. An increasingly digitized world has made businesses have new technologies available to make themselves known. But where to start to reach the top positions in search results? There are mainly 7 marketing strategies to better position your online store which experts recommend. Here we tell you!

The 7 marketing strategies that will help you position your online hardware business

At IBMH we know just like you that it is not enough to have a perfectly structured company and have the best products and services. You also need to plan a marketing strategy to position your brand in digital media. Having a well-kept online business results in increased visibility, increased traffic to your website that leads to more sales and improved customer loyalty.

1 Social Media

Social Media is used to stay in touch with our target audience. And also, to get to know first-hand the market and to increase the dissemination of products and services. Not only you have to create the profile on the most similar networks with your audience, but you also have to manage them correctly. A profile that is created and abandoned, comments from users who are not answered can give a bad image of the company.

2 Content Marketing

Carrying out a content marketing strategy will better position your online store. To do this you must create content of interesting, useful and relevant value for your customers.

On the other hand, that content that is released on the corporate blog should be used to publicize new lines of business. It is very useful for positioning because this type of activity makes indexations in search engines improve.

3 Website optimizations

Website optimization means improving the user experience when browsing the online store. The website should be simple to operate, fast and intuitive. The faster the user finds what they are looking for and the clearer it is to him at the stroke of what we can offer in our company, the better his experience will be.

To better position your online store, you should include customer’s testimonials, newsletters, brief and clear descriptions of the products and tokens, and images thereof on the website.

4 SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or search engine positioning

Appearing in the first results of organic search will be easier if you follow a SEO strategy that includes keywords in pages, images, and product descriptions. Competition analysis must be done, and internal and external links must be created.

5 E-mail marketing

Subscribers are defined as those users who already have a purchase intent. Getting them and other potential customers to subscribe to email will be possible if we provide them with featured information, that is, if we create valuable newsletters instead of becoming spam.

6 Digital media ads

Advertising on the Internet, whether on Social Media, on third-party websites or on Google AdWords is as necessary to better position your online store as it used to be for many companies to advertise on television. Choose the payment platform properly according to your business and based on the target audience.

7 Analysis

The latest of the 7 marketing strategies to better position your online store is analytics. Don’t forget to measure the results of your strategy. Knowing where traffic to your online store comes from is critical to your strategy. You can obtain this information through Google Analytics, your own Social Media or through plugins installed on your website. In addition, you’ll know what interests your audience the most. And most importantly, the conversion rate. You’ll know how much it took to get a sale by this means and whether it’s been profitable.

Interesting, isn’t it?

At IBMH we are always aware of all the tools at our disposal to be more efficient and productive. If you are also looking to achieve maximum profitability for your hardware imports do not hesitate to count on us for the Strategic Management of your purchases in China. Call us today!