Removable laundry hampers, the perfect solution for the home

Today at IBMH we want to talk to you about the advantages and features of removable laundry hampers and why they are the perfect solution for the modern home. It is a series of high-quality hampers with which you can have organized the laundry room without losing space. An item that cannot be missing in your catalog of hardware for furniture and construction.

Removable laundry hampers from IBMH, why are they one of our flagship products?

Removable laundry hampers that you can already import from China with IBMH are the best solution for modern homes. Its easy use and innovative aesthetics make the task of washing and organizing laundry comfortable and fast.

These dual-wall drawer systems are also compatible with our IBMH Tandem Box system that can be included or not, but together they will be the key axis of the laundry room.

Available in different styles and sizes, you’ll find the right hamper to fit any wall, drawer or folding storage container. Dirty laundry will remain hidden until the moment to do laundry.

Advantages of removable laundry hampers

These laundry hampers are functional, practical and aesthetic. However, this is not its only advantage. We also highlight that they…

  • Provide better classification and organization of dirty laundry.
  • Saves space as the hamper is hidden in the cabinet.
  • Installation is easy thanks to its mounting kit.
  • Ease of cleaning.
  • Having multiple models and sizes perfectly adapts to the needs of any home.
  • Its modern design conforms to current trends demanded by the market.


Technical details of removable laundry

Dual-wall drawer systems have these features:

  • Easily removable hampers with breathable design and integrated handles.
  • Additional sturdy mount bracket that strengthens the connection to the door.
  • Side mount for 400 mm, 450 mm or 600 mm outer width sized cabinets (15-3/4, 17-3/4 or 23-5/8 in)
  • Load capacity: 35 kg when installed on IBMH Tandem Box system.


Bottom-mount wire frame laundry hamper and double 35L hampers

Removable laundry hampers, the perfect solution for the home

Bottom-mount wire frame laundry hamper and double hampers are mainly characterized by their flexibility and customization. We can choose between one or two 35L hampers or a single 48L hampers. Mounting options include removing the frame for standard installation with a hinged door or using the included mounting bracket to create even easier access by combining door opening and removal functions.

And here we must highlight…

  • The door mount bracket also works for folding doors.
  • The hampers are easily removable. They also have a breathable design and integrated handles.
  • Fits 12”, 15” or 18” outer width enclosures (300, 400 or 450 mm)


Flip down & tilt out laundry hamper, the best choice for small laundry

Cestos extraíbles para la ropa

For homes that have small spaces we have the flip down & tilt out laundry hamper. With a narrow depth, it makes your installation perfect in small cabinets.

The hamper is hidden behind the cabinet door allowing convenient access to the removable hamper. It is an ideal complement in which you can store dirty laundry while saving space. It has a load capacity of 10 kg.

If you want to import these removable laundry hampers from China today, please contact us. Including it in your hardware catalog will be a great advantage. At IBMH we will be happy to assist you and tell you everything we can contribute with our purchasing management in China to improve the profitability of your business.