AQL sampling. What it is and why it is important for hardware importers

When importing hardware from China, it is necessary to have the right suppliers, agree on the corresponding price and detail the processes of customs controls. But not less important are quality controls. How do you set the maximum number of defects that can be allowed in a shipment? AQL sampling establishes the quality of hardware and accessories, which is why it is so important for importing companies.

What is AQL quality sampling?

The name of AQL quality sampling comes from its acronym in English ‘Acceptable Quality Level’. Whose meaning refers to the minimum acceptable quality for a cargo in general and for a series of products, accessories, or hardware.

Approving this system means approving quality control and obtaining the ‘pass’ or ‘high quality’ label.

How does this system work?

To begin with, a sample of the cargo in question is taken. Then we go on to review in detail each element to observe its quality, its effectiveness and if it presents failure and how many. In this way, this sample becomes representative of the rest of the shipment.

The high levels of the AQL sampling are detailed with the 0-1 being only one defect that has been found. The point of acceptance is found at level 1-3 which means that up to 1 or 2 errors are acceptable. But if more than 3 are given the product would be rejected.

Why is the AQL sample so important for hardware importers?

Establishing quality controls with AQL sampling means the certification that we are having the right suppliers. In addition, it is a guarantee that the end customer will receive the hardware or accessories without failure or damage.

But no less important is the savings in costs and time, which is achieved by discovering the failures before receiving the shipment and having to proceed with the return or claims.

The professional management of IBMH and the quality controls we carry out

At IBMH we already have many years of experience in the field of importing furniture hardware. We speak the language, understand the customs, tradition, and culture of the suppliers we work with. We collaborate alone with the best manufacturers, and we ensure, thanks to this and other quality controls, that the product meets all the expectations of our customers.

Our expert analysts have a great knowledge in the AQL quality sampling system to ensure that the control applied to the cargo is optimal. And about what to do if the quality is low. In addition, we have developed an exclusive digital tool for reporting any inconvenience that may arise.

We are prepared to make sure that your hardware imports from China have the quality you expect. IBMH will take care of all your imports of furniture and construction hardware from China in a professional and timely way. We are just what your company needs! Contact us today!