Non-slip mat: Expansion of IBMH's featured product

On this occasion we are pleased to tell you that we have increased our already extensive range of non-slip mats with a new non-slip mat available in several models. It is intended for use in kitchen furniture, bathrooms, offices, and other applications. In addition to comfort, it allows you to have everything well organized. We will tell you all its features and the advantages of incorporating it into your hardware catalog with IBMH’s professional management.

This is the new non-slip mat: IBMH featured product

alfombrilla antideslizante

We continue to incorporate more models so that you have more options for your business. On this occasion our featured product expands the range of mats or non-slip mats. Protective bottoms for furniture made of highly durable plastics that allow you to easily adjust to the size of any piece of furniture.

Applications of rubber rolls for bathrooms and kitchens

Non-slip carpets or rugs have very varied applications. They only have as a limit the creativity and the uses of each one. Since we continue to increase an already extensive range with new models and colors.

Some of the features of the non-slip mat: Bottom sink hardware

alfombrilla antideslizante

Cabinet protectors or mats are easily trimmed to cover the bottom of a drawer or cover the surface of a piece of furniture. Thus, offering security and comfort to everything that is placed in them. In addition, with the non-slip mat it is possible to prevent objects from sliding and colliding with each other. At the same time, they can contain possible liquid spills.

Of its characteristics we highlight the following:

  • They are manufactured in EVA, ABS, silicone, and other plastics. It all depends on the application you need. For more information you can consult our advisors.
  • They wash very easily. It is enough to wipe a damp cloth or submerge them under water.
  • The range of colors in which they can be designed is very wide. From transparent and white to black.
  • The designs of the non-slip mat are also very varied. They can have diamond engraving on the surface or flat circles, bubble type, squares, hexagons, lines, among many others.


And what are the advantages of furniture tarpaulins?

These non-slip floor mats, also called anti-slip, are highly recommended for use in kitchen and bathroom furniture mainly. But they can also be easily adapted for use in other types of office furniture, closets, refrigerators, etc. And it is also worth noting the following advantages:

  1. They are simple to install. It is only necessary to measure the area of the drawer or the surface, cut them out and place them.
  2. They are manufactured with anti-humidity profile on several sides which provides excellent protection.
  3. They allow you to save space and have utensils and objects ordered and always accessible.
  4. They prevent objects from moving or sliding.
  5. Its modern design matches any aesthetics.
  6. Adding the new non-slip mat to your catalog will help meet the demands of your end customers. We invite you to contact our advisors to discuss all the details!

If you also want to add to your catalog the rubber mat or non-slip mat for drawers. And that the IBMH team also takes care of all your imports of furniture and construction hardware from China with total guarantee of success and improving your profitability, contact us today! We’ll start working for your business!