Feedback in the company as a centre of talent development

Feedback in the right conditions fosters an environment of improvement and learning that not only has a positive impact on the company. It also improves talent development. Find out why it is so necessary today and what are the best ways to do it.

The importance of feedback in the business world

Whether in the evolution of performance or in the periodic meetings that are held for the sharing of objectives and tasks, feedback plays an increasingly important role.

It provides the opportunity to highlight the strengths and improvement of the staff. At the same time, it favours a good working environment. It increases employee motivation and performance, improves productivity and gives the opportunity to acquire new skills and abilities.

Feedback in the company: Things to consider

But if we want feedback to have these and other benefits, it must be carried out at the right time, often enough and in the right way.

How often to give feedback

Everything will depend on the activity of the company and the meetings that take place. However, it must be clear that feedback should not be too often or too far apart.

Understand feedback in the company as normal

Sometimes feedback can be seen as something negative. But the truth is that if we manage to normalize this type of conversation, it would get much more out of it.

Closeness and empathy

This type of meeting should take place at a quiet and relaxed time. Always showing empathy and trying to highlight the positive points.

Indicate what the purpose is

The feedback meeting in the company must have a purpose that has to be seen by the other party. Otherwise, opportunities for improvement will not be able to be exploited.

 Short, clear and concise

It is important that the conversation is brief and that what is going to be commented on is clear. It is also necessary to let the team or employee talk about the topic at hand.

Objectivity first and foremost

Another important aspect is to be objective and not get carried away by judgments or false beliefs. Partial arguments are worthless.

Why feedback in the company helps the retention and development of talent

By fostering through feedback an environment of improvement and learning that translates into the benefit of all parties, it is possible to retain and develop the talent of both managers and employees.

  • Thanks to these conversations, strengths can be assessed and weaknesses identified for improvement. Feedback is not only the process of communicating, but also of giving guidelines and advice to change the outcome.
  • In this way, feedback is seen by the team as a constructive and motivational message.
  • In turn, feedback favours the feeling of belonging to the company.


Do you also use feedback within your company?

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