Departamento de Logística ¡Nueva incorporación! El mejor servicio a nuestros clientes del sector del herraje

In IBMH we bet on multidisciplinary teams of professionals capable of facing any task, any challenge that arises. That is why it is always a source of pride and joy for new additions. This time we introduce you to Maxine Xian who has just joined IBMH’s Logistics Department.

Welcome, Maxine! It is a pleasure to have your experience and dedication.

Introducing you to Maxine Xian

Maxine Xian joined our Logistics Department last December 2020. But her journey does not begin here. She graduated from Guangdong Communication Polytechnic School of Transport Management in 2015.

Just after graduation she started working in the area of Documentation – Operations in a freight transport company. During her time at this company she gained valuable knowledge in the area of shipping operations.

Talking about her hobbies and passions, she highlights music as her hobby and important activity in her day to day. She loves spending time with her friends and playing board games.

Maxine Xian joins the Logistics Department; this is what she has told us!

IBMH: Welcome to IBMH, Maxine! Did you know IBMH and the work we do?

Maxine Xian: To be honest, I didn’t know a company like this, so involved in its goals as IBMH.

IBMH: What attracted you most to working for IBMH?

Maxine Xian: The idea of joining a new team, on a new course is a big challenge for me. Doing it working in a company like IBMH is, honestly, a great opportunity. The work environment is excellent. In the short time I have been able to see how attentive everyone is with me. I can say that I am surrounded by great professionals and better colleagues.

IBMH: What are your main roles within the IBMH logistics team?

Maxine Xian: First of all, I must verify and confirm the date of availability of the products with the corresponding suppliers.

Secondly, we will take care of ensuring the correct planning of the transport, the container cargo, content and shipping documents. And to make all the updates in the system that are necessary to provide a complete follow-up of the orders.

Maxine’s first impressions

IBMH: What are your first impressions of your new position at IBMH Logistics Team?

Maxine Xian: I can’t say anything other than that I’m thrilled to be part of IBMH’s Logistics Department. There are certain similarities with my previous work, but at the same time new working content. It is a great opportunity, a challenge to learn and improve as a professional.

IBMH: What do you think you can bring to your department? What are the personal qualities that would stand out most about you?

Maxine Xian: I hope my experience and efficiency will add to the team and help the tasks of my colleagues develop smoothly. I consider myself a hardworking person who does not give up.

How you see the future of the hardware industry

IBMH: What is your opinion about the future of the hardware industry in China?

Maxine Xian: The consumer market for hardware is huge. The manufacturing technology of such components in China is becoming increasingly demanded. I think it will be a pretty advantageous industry in the near future.

We are thrilled to have professionals like you on our team, Maxine! We wish you many successes in your new stage at IBMH!