Just in Time (JIT) Production Organization System

Just in Time as a production and organization system aims to eliminate, among others, excessive deadlines, delays in shipments, lack of raw material, as well as waste. That is why it is one of the most used systems today. Discover in our post the advantages that you could get in your hardware company.

What is the Just in Time production system?

The Lean Manufacturing management methodology and the Just in Time production organization system have the common goal of significantly improving productivity. By eliminating tasks that contribute nothing and that are an impediment to organization and productivity, a better product and service is achieved. Thus guaranteeing greater satisfaction of the end customer.

The origin of Just in Time system go back to the Japanese company Toyota, focuses on efficiency in terms of eliminating the unnecessary thing in the production process. From the acquisition of raw materials to distribution through resources and employees. Being linked to on-demand production, it is possible to further reduce the costs in the raw material and in the assembly.

When and where the Just in Time production system is applied

This model aims to optimize the production process by eliminating waste, either in transport or storage. It is designed for small and large companies.

The thought of products and services arriving (to manufacturing or to the end customer) ‘just in time’, can be the key to the success of hardware companies. Did you know that this is a method that is also applied in logistics processes? Thus achieving greater efficiency in the supply chain.

What do you achieve with Just in Time? Advantages to consider

Some of the strengths of this production organization system are:

  • Production is simplified. The process becomes simpler, more efficient, and more cost-effective.
  • It is possible to eliminate waste in raw materials. As well as other unnecessary products that suppose an over cost.
  • It is a methodology that allows the company to focus on demand by reducing interruptions, errors and long and unnecessary processes. Excess stock in warehouses is eliminated.
  • With the Just in Time production method, the company also has the possibility to identify a problem in time and find a solution as soon as possible.
  • On the other hand, the phases in the supply chain are optimized.


And how can I carry out this methodology in my company?

To implement the Just in Time system it will be necessary to have a global and integral vision that reaches all members. It is a change in the production chain, but also in the business philosophy that will become designed for the customer and productivity.

  1. The arrival of the raw material ordered on demand shall be studied. It only occurs when there are orders to be taken up, as well as each production process. Including the workers’ organization itself.
  2. Continuous improvement is another key point. This method seeks to improve quality and times to eliminate errors and setbacks.
  3. We will place in a prominent place the tasks to be performed. Those completed and those that are in process. Along with the estimated time that corresponds to each of them.
  4. In turn, with Just in Time production we identify our opportunities for improvement.


The search for methodologies like this to improve the production of your company is an ongoing need. It is also to have at your side the best partner for your imports of furniture and construction hardware from China, as IBMH. Our experience in the sector and our knowledge of the market will play in your favor. Don’t think twice and get in touch with us today!