nonslip materials

Without a doubt, nonslip materials are a minimally complex product, and that may be the reason why they are such interesting items. The low cost of their raw materials, design, production and storage, and their incorporation in final products for consumers (closets, drawers, shelves, rugs, etc.) improve their standing immensely. It’s these types of details that make the difference.

Furthermore, nonslip materials can be found in many textures, thicknesses, colors, patterns and finishes. Because of this, there are no limits on design and creativity, meaning there are no limits on the appearance and utility of these materials.

Nonslip materials serve many purposes

At home:

  • • When placed inside drawers, shelfs and bookcases, they reduce noise and protect against scratches.
  • • They provide extra security underneath rugs.
  • • Can be used inside showers and bathtubs to prevent slipping and falling.
  • • They complement certain walking aids.
  • • If you place a mat inside your sink, you will reduce water splashing.
  • • Floor mats for children or as a surface for floor exercises.

At work:

  • • Nonslip sheets are very useful on steep walkways or surfaces that may be slippery because of oil.
  • • These sheets are also ideal for stairways, platforms or gangplanks.
  • • Rubber versions of nonslip mats can help cushion heavy loads that can’t withstand high pressures.
  • • Likewise, they can be used as floor protectors in work areas to prevent cracks from falling tools.

Finally, their easy cleaning and maintenance make these materials perfect to be sold to diverse industries and to end consumers. With nothing more than water and a bit of soap, these materials will be good as new during their useful life.

We hope you’ll be able to add this very interesting item to your catalogue. And remember that IBMH can help you choose the best one for you. Just ask!