Clip-on Soft Closing Hinges, import it with IBMH

At IBMH we always work with products, accessories, and hardware of the highest quality. We are always looking for innovation and the best solutions. Just what the clip-on soft closing hinge offers, without a doubt our new featured product that you must have in your catalog.

It is a hinge of a 35 diameter with opening of 155 degrees especially recommended for the installation of tower-type cupboards. Its design is innovative as it is its usefulness. Know all the details of this hardware that you can already import with IBMH!

How the clip-on soft closing hinge is

The novelty of this clip-on soft closing hinges is that its design and opening of 155 degrees allows you to pull the drawers on the back of the cupboard to the front just by opening the door at 90 degrees. This is very comfortable to access the interior of the drawer, as well as to place objects on the door of the furniture.

Clip-on soft closing hinges are designed for use in the assembly of doors of different furniture. And it not only stands out for its openness, but for its functionality and design. Aspects that will not go unnoticed by the end customer.

The technical characteristics of the new IBMH hinge

As for the technical characteristics of the slow closing hinges, it is worth mentioning:

  • The components of the straight piston hinge are made of steel of the best quality and durability. They are very resistant to the passage of time and external aggressions.
  • The soft hinge closing mechanism ensures a minimum of 100 thousand opening cycles.
  • The finishes of the cushioned hinges with zinc coating guarantee their resistance to early corrosion in indoor environments thus complying with the saline chamber requirements required by international standards.
  • These are soft-closing hinges suitable for combining with a 2D or 3D adjustment mounting plate.


The advantages of adding the clip-on soft closing hinges to your catalog

This type of hinges has several advantages that make them unique:

  • Thanks to its 155-degree opening it will be very simple and comfortable to take the objects stored inside the furniture or vertical cupboards. In the case of larger and heavier objects, the door should be opened at a greater angle until reaching its maximum of 155 degrees.
  • Not all models available today on the market offer this opening. But it is also that, thanks to its quality, possible interference in the operation is easily avoided.
  • The hinges with retainer are made of resistant and design materials. In addition to being very durable, they do not interfere with the aesthetics of the furniture.
  • Its clip-on mechanism allows you to easily mount or remove the door from the cabinet where they are installed.
  • The soft closure of its mechanism prevents possible shocks and noises. It is designed to fit different furniture.
  • It is a clip-on soft closing hinge for easy installation and maintenance.
  • In addition, it helps to save space. And to have better order since all the objects are perfectly stored inside the furniture.

Remember that you can incorporate this and other accessories into your hardware catalog with the professional management of IBMH. Our team will oversee improving the profitability of all your imports of furniture and construction hardware from China in the most professional way that exists. Don’t think twice and contact us today!