Buzz marketing: Can it be a useful tool for hardware businesses?

We tell you the advantages and phases of buzz marketing as a strategy so that you can decide if it would be interesting to implement it in the hardware business. It is an ancient technique that has been displaced by the virality of certain content on social networks, but that can be as efficient as in its origins.

What is buzz marketing?

According to what great advertisers commented years ago, the best advertising there is for a brand is that they speak well of it. In other words, in the recommendations we find the basis of buzz marketing. Or wouldn’t you buy a product that your friend already has at home and that has wonders?

The main objective of buzz marketing is to generate conversation about a brand or a product. But not directly, but through users. Known as the ‘word-of-mouth’, the idea is that a user tells another what they have seen of a brand instead of it being the one that starts the conversation. And no, do not confuse it with influencers since in most of these cases it is paid advertising.

Advantages of word-of-mouth strategies

As for the advantages of this marketing technique, it is worth noting:

  • This is inexpensive advertising.
  • Buzz marketing usually gives good results since it is not perceived by Internet users as something intrusive.
  • Thanks to new technologies it will be easier to reach many more users.
  • The brand achieves visibility, that present and potential customers remember it.
  • Engagement is generated with the user and from there it will be easier to move on to purchase and loyalty.
  • Results can be measured which will give us insight into scope and effectiveness.


How it is carried out: phases to create a buzz marketing strategy

If a company wants to bet on this type of actions, it must follow the following steps:

  1. Teaser or initial phase. The first thing is to establish the objectives, define what we want to achieve with the strategy. Then we will go on to give an advance to the users. A brief brushstroke that awakens curiosity and the desire to know more. In addition, we must transmit those values that we want to associate with our brand or product.
  2. Build trust. With so much content on the network, it is difficult to remember us, unless we manage to build trust, which is just what will make Internet users start talking about us to other Internet users.
  3. It is time to solve the mystery generated in buzz marketing, to publicize the brand or product. Finally, the spectators will discover what we had in hand.
  4. Control and analysis. In this phase the scope of the strategy is analyzed, it is seen what has worked and what has not. If the objectives commented by the users have been achieved. And what could be improved in a new buzz marketing campaign.


Marketing tools like this one we just saw could be helpful when it comes to promoting new products, don’t you think?

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