furniture hardware purchase management in China

At IBMH, we take maximum care of every aspect of business. That’s why, thanks to hard work and our pride in a job well done during many years, we’ve become experts in purchase management and quality control in China. We specialize in hardware and accessories for the furniture and construction industry. Today, we want to tell you more about what is involved in our furniture hardware purchase management in China, the steps and rigorous quality control that we follow, and the benefits that your hardware company will reap if you have the IBMH team on your side for strategic management of your purchases from China.

Hardware purchase management in China with IBMH

At IBMH, we have a clear objective: become your Strategic Purchase Management Office in China. Our next goal is for your hardware company to get a great purchase price, and to offer you a comprehensive service that meets all the needs of your business.

Our experts dedicate 100% of their time to ensuring your company imports the right products with maximum profits. The result of this is that you can dedicate all of your time to making your business grow.

What are the advantages for your business of importing hardware and accessories with IBMH?

Let’s take a detailed look at the main advantages that come from the purchase management in China done by the IBMH team.

  • Your company will always, and at all times, have a large number of distinguished suppliers that have been thoroughly audited by IBMH.
  • Maximum quality control in situ throughout the entire production process. Control of raw materials as well as the final product.
  • Guaranteed information on the suppliers with the best value in real time to meet all your needs.
  • Guidance from our experts on which products to import for the highest profits and most added value to your business.
  • And last but not least, IBMH has a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.


Problems with not having a good purchasing strategy in China

Importing hardware and accessories in a country with an unfamiliar language, culture and work style can lead to certain problems, especially if you don’t have a company to help you with purchase management. This can cause setbacks like:

  • Problems with delayed orders
  • Negative impact on your business due to stock shortages
  • Unnecessary time spent looking for competitive prices
  • Extra costs from visiting China and industry fairs


IBMH’s trajectory in furniture hardware purchase management in China

If we’re talking about the reasons why you should be with IBMH, we should mention our professional trajectory in purchase management in China.

  1. IBMH is a company specializing in purchase management in China. We have experience in the industry going back more than 24 years.
  2. Our clients have 100% satisfaction, or so they tell us.
  3. We also have a fully transparent computer system and payment system with no fixed costs.
  4. Plus, more than 2000 shipping containers managed and more than 1800 quality controls.

Thanks to the Strategic Purchase Management in China of our multicultural team, your furniture and construction hardware and accessories business can reduce costs and increase profits, no matter where you are. Don’t hesitate to contact us today. We guarantee a completely professional service!