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IBMH reveals its new featured product: electronic smart door locks for building interior. With them you avoid having to replace the complete lock, since it goes from analog to electronic, saving on costs. Discover these and other advantages of incorporating the electronic lock into your hardware catalog.

Smart door locks: what these components for doors are like

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The smart door locks you can already import with IBMH are part of our wide range of wholesale door hardware. As well as China hardware for doors and locks for wooden doors.

There are smart door locks models for main access control in buildings, apartments, or offices. You can find these electronic smart door locks models of high quality and durability. How do they work? What are its components? Why are they increasingly in demand in the market?

Technical characteristics of wooden doors locks

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These smart door locks hardware with adjustable card lock and electronic keyboard have the following features:

  • They are made with stainless steel components: aluminum and ABS plastic.
  • High degree of IP44 waterproofness (a waterproof silicone cover can be purchased). They are also designed as locks for hotels.
  • Operating temperature from -30 to 60 °C.
  • Suitable for doors of different thicknesses from 55 to 105 mm.
  • Lock settings support multiple languages: English, German, and Chinese.
  • Depending on the model, it uses 3 or 4 low-power AAA batteries. This guarantees a year of life before activating the low voltage alarm.
  • If the battery is drained, emergency power can be provided through the smartphone and USB connection cable until it’s replaced.


Opening modes of smart door locks

There are seven methods for opening hardware for construction and electronic locks:

  1. Opening by numeric code (password). An access code can be configured for each authorized person.
  2. By fingerprint.
  3. Opening by RFID card sensor (in some models several cards can be added, one for each worker, up to a maximum of 20).
  4. By Bluetooth signal (maximum 10 meters) from the Smartphone.
  5. Opening with use of the ‘Tuya’ web application.
  6. With the use of the ‘WeChat’ application.
  7. Opening with key.


And what are the advantages of these door hardware?

In addition to the lock going from analog to electronic, which we have mentioned above, we must highlight these advantages:

  • Smart door locks allow you to control access to the interior of the building.
  • If the owner forgets the keys, he will not have to wait for someone to help him. He will be able to enter the house using his access code or fingerprint.
  • The quality materials with which it is designed make it the most effective anti-theft system.
  • Its installation is simple. In just 5 minutes the smart door locks will be installed. It will only be necessary to replace the core of the lock. The lock body and panel are not replaced, which saves costs.
  • Allows you to configure different permanent or temporary access codes. For example, for a family member who will only be visiting for a few weeks.


With IBMH you can import smart door locks easily, cost-effectively, and hassle-free. You can have a team of specialists in the hardware sector with more than 25 years of experience. IBMH takes care of your hardware imports from China, so it will only have advantages for your business. Contact us today and discover everything we can do for you!