IBMH's commitment to business excellence more present than ever

The current coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has made us all change. Not only because of the safety and hygiene measures we have taken in recent months, but also because of the business changes it has brought about. At IBMH we want to talk to you about how we have coped with this situation. Our efforts have been aimed at improving all processes and providing solutions. With a clear goal: to help our customers by focusing on our long-term commitment to business excellence.

Time of crisis, time of business excellence

Today the economic climate is complex and the world changing. At IBMH we have always been able to react and recognize the opportunities that arise in what seems to be the most difficult situations, in those that include the word crisis. Today’s time was not going to be an exception. Therefore, in our company we always look to the future with optimism. Looking forward to seizing the opportunities and giving our best. What is our goal? The same one that sets our corporate values: to provide our customers with business excellence throughout our management.

At IBMH we have achieved rapid growth in recent years. We manage purchases for the world’s largest hardware importers on 5 continents. This allows us to gain an overview of the market that gives us a unique and efficient way to work. It is, therefore, what sets us apart from any other hardware purchasing management company in China.

We have taken advantage of the current coronavirus pandemic situation to further improve all our internal processes. Trying to always seek maximum efficiency in everything we do.

The improvement processes that have been carried out at IBMH

Starting with our Strategic Sourcing service, we have performed an analysis of all the articles we manage at IBMH for each of the customers we have worked with since our inception. Sorting and auditing all articles. To organize them later in such a way that, from now on, we can immediately offer to our customers those items that we have already managed in the past. All with its corresponding high-resolution photographs and complete technical information. This allows us to recommend products that we already have a history and that are perfectly controlled providing great security to all imports of hardware from our customers.

This process of internal improvement allows us to be up to 5 times faster than in our usual management. By not having to perform additional sourcing or request samples from suppliers to analyze quality, we can be even more efficient and offer greater business excellence.

In turn, we can recommend new products on a weekly basis. In this way we help our customers to diversify their current catalog of hardware with different and innovative products. Something that is key to stands out remarkably from the competition.

Let’s look at what improvement processes have been carried out in each department:

Quality Control Department

The quality department has strengthened all control and verification protocols during its factory inspection process. It is intended to further ensure the quality of all hardware. The goal is to avoid the potential problems caused by the effects of coronavirus on the stability and continuity of factory employees who are responsible for the production chain.

Audit Department

This area has audited more than 5,000 different types of hardware, which have been ready to be imported by our international customers, with the assurance that all of them have been perfectly reviewed and audited by our team of experts. This ensures a perfect and stable quality over time.

Commercial Department

The commercial department is also key to business excellence. We have carried out a constant process of product recommendation to all our international customers. We also analyze their respective catalogues in a thorough and detailed way. In order to offer you that hardware that, according to our experience in the market, will help you differentiate yourself from your most direct competitors. At the same time, we help them improve their product mix with new hardware that will give them a high profitability.

Purchasing Department

As for the purchasing department, we have audited more than 250 new factories throughout this period. The aim is to know first-hand its current productive capacity, financial situation and availability to be able to manufacture new products. And all this, with the best quality guarantees and with the best purchase prices on the market in China.

At IBMH we work daily for business excellence. And also, for serving in the best way the needs of all our customers in the real time. Our name inspires confidence because we work on a process of continuous improvement for companies that choose us for their purchasing management in China. If you are looking for the best partner in China to ensure the success of your hardware imports, contact us today!