Removable Kitchen Table with Soft Closing: Import from China with IBMH

The Removable Kitchen Table with Soft Closing is the new hardware that you can now import from China with IBMH. Why is it our new flagship product? Because in addition to being one of the newest trends in modern kitchens, it is an excellent hardware to save space in homes. Find out here what its advantages and main features are.

The Removable Kitchen Table with Soft Closing is perfect for taking advantage of the space

How to make the most of the space available in homes? In homes where the rooms are small it becomes essential to find practical solutions that help us to be comfortable and optimize the space. That is why today, at IBMH, we want to talk to you about our new flagship product: the Removable Kitchen Table with Soft Closing.

One of the biggest challenges is to manufacture multifunctional and compact furniture that adapts to the current lifestyle. It is a very common feeling in homes with small kitchens to feel that the furniture is in the way and that not enough space is available to cook.

The solution in hardware for furniture and small rooms

Here we show you an effective and practical solution to the space problem of many homes. It is a furniture hardware that helps to gain amplitude and space in the kitchen and that will also give a distinctive, elegant and functional touch.

The Removable Kitchen Table with Soft Closing that you can import from China with IBMH is the perfect solution for today’s ‘miniature’ kitchens of small homes.


Main advantages of Removable Kitchen Table hardware

La Mesa de Trabajo Extraíble con Cierre Suave

It is a comfortable and high-quality hardware that can be gently removed. Installed on the table, it facilitates movement instantly and provides a larger workspace. When it is no longer needed, it can be quickly hidden in the furniture where it has been installed.

Its soft-closing function prevents shock and damage to its structure. In turn, when folded, the space available within the kitchen is restored again to move freely.


The most noteworthy features of the IBMH Removable Kitchen Table with Soft Closing

Knowing its features will help you get an idea of the interestingness of incorporating it into your hardware catalog.

  • It is compact. Compared to other designs, this hardware does not require unfolding a floor support which limits the lower space.
  • Large load capacity. Supports up to 40 Kg which is more than you normally need in a kitchen.
  • It may be thought that when removing it and not deploying a support to the ground its stability and solidity are compromised. None of that! The robustness and quality of its work guides with soft closure ensure that you will have a table that does not move while working on it.
  • Easy installation. Installation is easy and simple, especially in modular system kitchens.

Functionality, innovative and resistant design. And the freedom of having more space is what you get with this hardware. Do you also want to incorporate into your hardware catalog the Removable Kitchen Table with Soft Closing? Contact us today! Our team of professionals will take care of studying all your products to offer you the best solutions. In addition, we will take care of everything to do with your furniture hardware imports from China with a guarantee of success. Trust us!