Aluminum Profiles

Without a doubt, Aluminum Profiles are one of the product lines that, historically, we manage most often in China for our international clients. That’s why we want to let you know about all the advantages your hardware company can benefit from if you add it to your catalogue. These high-quality Aluminum Profiles are a featured product from IBMH that we recommend.

Aluminum Profiles, the hot product of IBMH for your hardware company

Aluminum Profiles

After a long time analyzing in detail the costs of aluminum profiles, at IBMH we are fully convinced that we have managed to obtain not just an excellent purchase price, but also a high quality, and most of all, very stable quality.

Are you coming to China to buy aluminum profiles and only care about price? Then it’s possible your ideal purchase region is the province of Zhejiang or the Shanghai area. At IBMH, we have been able to find aluminum profiles in these areas with a very low cost. But keep in mind that their materials have anodization that can practically be wiped clean off the profile if it gets wet in the rain just once.

In these production areas of China, there is also the fact that they often used recycled aluminum. This means that their profiles will never have the same quality as those manufactured in other production regions in China, such as the Foshan area for instance.


What is the best quality-price relationship for profiles in China?

Aluminum Profiles

What will affect how the final price of this material is calculated?

On the one hand, the price is affected by the official price of an aluminum ingot (a price that is public and available to any company). To this price, you’ll need to add the conversion that is applied by each factory. This conversion depends on their level of infrastructure and technical equipmentto correctly develop their product.

Keep in mind that the quality-price conversion is stable, but the price of aluminum changes every day. Therefore, the total will vary according to the day in which you confirm your order with the manufacturer.

Also, some factories making Aluminum Profiles use recycled materials instead of quality materials in order to cut costs. Many of them do not have sophisticated facilities with the advanced technology needed to create a good surface finish. The final result could be a very unpleasant surprise.

You need to pay attention to the optimal use of the loading capacity of the shipping containers. Their internal capacity is:

  • 5,896 meters for a 20’.
  • 12,032 meters for a 40’.


IBMH guarantees the best price and the best quality in Aluminum Profiles

Aluminum Profiles

At IBMH, we have high-quality Aluminum Profiles. This allows us to suggest to you the following: use the container capacity up to a maximum of 5.82 meters per profile for a 20’ container, and 5.97 meters for a 40’ container. You need to take into account the thickness of the packaging as well.

As for the number of meters that can fitinside each of the different types of containers that are typically used:

  • 110,300 meters in a 40’ container if the aluminum bars are 5.97 meters.
  • 51,332 meters in a 20’ container if the aluminum bars are 5.82 meters.
  • 35,400 meters in a 20’ container if the aluminum bars are 4.00 meters.

Aluminum Profiles

Aluminum Profiles


If you want to add these high-quality Aluminum Profiles to your catalogue, contact us today. We’ll help you with Strategic Purchase Management of all your hardware as professionally and profitably as possible for you.