1. We are specialized: At IBMH we focus on ironwork, furniture, wood and decoration,what makes us unique industry experts.

2. Very demanding quality management: We work in depth with all our suppliers. We know how and where they do each of the works. That is the only way to obtain excellent results.

3. Synergies in the negotiations: By negotiating altogether for large international companies of high purchasing power in China, we can achieve exceptional economic conditions, unlike companies that work independently.

4. Innovative computer system: At IBMH we work with ad hoc top-level technological tools, which streamline management processes and allow us to track in real time all orders, shipments and quotes.

5. If we do not meet expectations, we do not charge it: The externalization of the purchasing process of any company with IBMH always reports a great benefit, because with IBMH we never have fixed costs. And, in the case that after our management our customers’ expectations are not met, we also waive our collection.