At IBMH we have over 14 years negotiating in China, a time of experience that has helped us to know which things are important and which not.
To share this knowledge, as well as all the tips and information from our blog, you have free tools that can help you to take better control of your costs.

Access, for example, to Support updated to Incoterms. We have updated and ordered accessibly the international commercial terms, terms of three letters that reflect the standards of voluntary acceptance by the two parties -buyer and seller-, about the conditions of delivery of goods or products.

On the other hand, besides search, identify and select the ideal suppliers, the most important thing for an import business are raw material costs. That is why we provide an Online monitoring system of the cost of raw materials in China, with which to track the costs of zinc, nickel, iron and aluminium daily.

Finally, to facilitate currency exchange calculations, we recommend that you use our reliable tool of conversion, which keeps track of expenses easily and smoothly.