Advance your hardware imports and improve your prices

Advancing hardware imports from China is not only useful to ensure the final product is ready on time but also to improve prices and reduce costs. Therefore, in addition to excellent planning, it’s important to have the right suppliers.

Advancing hardware imports has many advantages

  • You can establish favorable agreements with your suppliers. Planning ahead provides more options for obtaining discounts.
  • Delays are avoided. Depending on the chosen mode of transportation, the goods will take varying amounts of time to arrive.
  • Reduction of logistics expenses. Importing in advance optimizes loads and transportation, thereby reducing logistics costs.
  • Better price control. Likewise, it avoids increases typical of certain seasons or due to high demand.
  • Customs issues are resolved. Potential customs delays due to, for example, national holidays will not affect the delivery of the goods.

What to consider when organizing hardware imports from China

To ensure that imports from China meet agreed timelines, the following considerations should be taken into account:

  1. Planning, planning, and more planning. Plan ahead, especially if you are unfamiliar with the required timelines, and choose the most suitable Incoterm for the import.
  2. Select the transportation methods that suit you best. Choose the most appropriate method based on the order you are going to place, prices, and customs requirements.
  3. Partner with the right suppliers. They will provide the product you seek within the agreed-upon timeframe, without any hitches.


Why IBMH management is crucial for your company’s imports

At IBMH, we have been working in the sector for many years. We not only have first-hand knowledge of the language and culture but also of business practices and all the details related to shipments. Sure! We are the partner you need.

We work with the right suppliers and have thorough quality control of samples to ensure everything arrives in perfect condition. In addition, we perform technical inspections of all samples sent from factories to verify their suitability. We conduct quality control at the beginning of production, as well as defect monitoring and a final inspection at the end of production with random sampling according to ISO 2859 (AQL) standard.

Furthermore, thanks to our Online Cost Control System of Raw Materials in China, companies like yours can make purchasing and import decisions at the right moment. You’ll be able to calculate the costs of the raw materials for your hardware and accessories import, thus controlling the expenses of your project.

We will handle, in the most professional way possible, ensuring your hardware imports from China arrive in the expected conditions. Moreover, we will manage your orders and imports of hardware for furniture and construction from China and implement all the necessary quality and logistics controls. Contact us today!