About Professionalism in China

When doing business with Chinese suppliers, a hardware company like yours is surely wondering about professionalism in China and the main differences with Western working practices. What is important to know? What should we consider?

Professionalism of Companies Operating in China

It would be a mistake to generalize and say that all Western companies lack certain skills, just as it would be to claim that Asian entrepreneurs are excessively demanding. Each company is unique. However, we can state that successful Chinese companies share common characteristics.

  • They are known for being effective, punctual, meticulous, and detail-oriented, both in production and in business dealings with other companies.
  • Also, they are very aware of their own identity and their country’s culture. They apply this culture to their organization without hesitation.
  • These companies also value the role of intermediaries when doing business with companies within and outside the country, as they are instrumental in establishing strong connections.
  • They do not shy away from putting in effort at work. They appreciate dedication, commitment, and patience.
  • Their holistic thinking drives them to take an interest in understanding their partners and their history.
  • When talking about professionalism in China, it is worth mentioning that they consider the psychological well-being of employees and executives to be of great importance. In fact, they view mental health as part of the corporate culture, as they see a direct influence between mental health and productivity.


What You Should Know When Doing Business in China

A hardware company intending to engage in negotiations with the Asian giant should consider a series of preliminary considerations.

  1. Language can be a barrier if you don’t have a translator. It is also important to have at least a basic understanding of the Chinese market and its way of operating.
  2. Additionally, it is necessary to identify the best cities. Places that offers the most favourable conditions to initiate negotiations, such as Guangzhou, Beijing, or Shenzhen.
  3. It is important:
    • to be aware of the role of the State
    • the criteria it imposes
    • the requirements or documents involved.
  4. Regarding quality controls, it is essential to ensure that they are truly effective and sufficient.
  5. Finally, details such as greeting with a slight bow, building relationships based on good practices, being punctual and courteous, showcasing a good reputation, or demonstrating good manners are other considerations that align with professionalism in China.

To overcome language barriers and address other cultural aspects, it is necessary to have the support and guidance of a company like ours. At IBMH, we have first-hand knowledge of the intricacies and details of this ancient culture. That’s why we are prepared to manage all your hardware imports from China with the utmost professionalism, whether for furniture or construction. To learn all the details and find out what we can do for your business, contact us today!