China has more than 35 years being the most powerful country in the world in terms of export. The reasons are many, but basically the Asian giant is powerful because it continues to offer the best economic solutions so that companies in other countries can produce at low cost.

It is known that China is the real “Factory of the world”, therefore in China everything can be manufactured, from an excellent product to a medium-quality product or even a low-quality product, being the importer responsible of taking the risk that is willing to take depending on the means with which makes the whole importing process, as the results are usually different if the process of contact and negotiation occurs thousands of kilometres away or is made at the local level in China through partners specialized in this work.


We, at IBMHCORP, affirm that with no doubt China is and will remain for many years the best country in the world to manufacture, but we cannot rely at 100% in the production processes of Chinese manufacturers without having any control. For this reason, at IBMH we work in Outsourcing regime with the principal target of improving the import process of all our customers. In our technical office located in Guangzhou, we will do our work as agent or shopping advisors in China.


At IBMH, as agents or shopping advisors in China, we are professionals in saving costs in purchases of furniture hardware, door hardware, hardware for kitchen furniture and all the derivatives of wood like MDF, Plywood, UV high brightness boards, etc. so our success is always within these lines of products, having currently among our customers to several of the most important companies of these sectors in the international market.