Our Social commitment in China, it determines that at IBMH we only collaborate with Chinese factories that comply with some minimum requirements in the quality of the labour conditions of their workers.


It is true that even today there are many Chinese factories that continue to exploit their workers, or what is worse, using children and elderly, so at IBMHCORP when we do searches for products we always ensure that they meet the production standards under the Corporate Social Responsibility.


When performing a social audit in a factory in China, the following requirements are taken into account:

1. At IBMH we never tolerate child labour and we support written policies and procedures in case of finding children working.

2. Following our CSR line, we do not tolerate overwork, forced or obliged, including work in prisons. The Chinese employees, by law, must not work more than 6 days a week and not more than 60 hours.

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3. We only seek and work with factories that guarantee safety and health to their workers, preventing occupational accidents and risks for women. Also, we perform an analysis of the factory to ensure the existence of a personal protection equipment and medical attention.

4. We defend the freedom of association and collective rights of bargaining, as the trade unions and guilds of workers. Companies must not interfere with workers unions or collective organizations.

5. Finally, it is absolutely forbidden to carry out discriminatory actions based on race, nationality or social origin, caste, birth, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, political opinion and age.

At IBMH we care about the human quality of the workers of the companies with which we often negotiate better purchase prices for our international clients, to ensure reduction in the costs of purchase we can get for our customers may not entail a reduction in the quality of the working conditions of workers in the factories under any circumstances.