Where Digital Marketing Trends Are Going in 2022

To talk about the new digital marketing trends is to talk once again about changes. From the novelties in the algorithms of the main search engine. Going through the possibility of saying goodbye to cookies. Even an augmented reality that is increasingly present. Know where the steps are going, and you will have a great advantage when designing your strategy.

Digital marketing, trends, and news in 2022

The current economic, political, and social situation together with an increasingly expert consumer. Together with the saturation of products that can be found in different shops and online stores, it makes us consider knowing the trends in digital marketing in order to develop our business strategy and thus offer a better brand experience. Did you know that more and more companies are choosing to invest in their digital visibility?

1. Websites without cookies

It is not yet a reality, but everything indicates that it will be in the coming months. Changes in legislative matters that guarantee the privacy of users. Added to the measures for certain browsers leads us to first-hand data (first party data) and, therefore, to the decline of cookies.

2. The metaverse, virtual reality and augmented reality

The metaverse is a digital reality that can be accessed through devices such as virtual or augmented reality glasses in order to interact with other users or brands. Trends in digital marketing that have as a novelty the so-called second digital reality in which it will even be possible to interact with co-workers in a digital space.

3. Changes in search engine algorithms

By voice, image and video. Searches are changing by leaps and bounds. Especially since most of those searches are done on the move. That is, through our Smartphone. And all this without forgetting video marketing which represents more than half of all online traffic. In other words, videos, including corporate videos, are more likely to rank in the top positions in search results.

4. Hyperfocus on the customer

Hyperfocus, another of the trends of digital marketing, is defined as a customer-centric strategy. Undoubtedly another of the novelties to highlight. Consumers have the option to buy any type of product physically or online, so it is essential for brands to bet on personalization in marketing actions.

5. Omnichannel marketing

You have to use only one channel but bet on interconnected digital platforms. Without forgetting the new 5G technology that will serve, among other things, to achieve more visual campaigns and according to the needs of users.

6. Online events

Among online events, as another trend in digital marketing, webinars, and product launches stand out. Ideal to make the brand known to customers, existing and future. As well as to make product demonstrations and for the collection of data on the audience attending the event. More than a trend in digital marketing it has become a constant.

Do you also think that digital marketing will become even more necessary?

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