WhatsApp Business: is it a good tool for hardware businesses?

The WhatsApp application is not only used to talk to friends and family. It can also be an excellent tool to establish a communication channel with users or potential customers. If almost everyone uses it, it is free and can offer an immediate response and personalized service, why not use it in business? We analyze the pros and cons of the WhatsApp Business app for hardware companies. Take good note!

Main features of WhatsApp Business for businesses

The instant messaging app allows us to communicate just by having an Internet connection on our Smartphone or tablet. It allows you to make calls and video calls, also international, write messages, send images (static or dynamic), documents and locations. And, in the case of WhatsApp Business, create product catalogs and tags to categorize both users and messages.

Without forgetting that we also have the option to create welcome, absence or farewell messages. When configuring these messages, we will give the Internet user an automatic response according to their request. So, is it a good tool for business? Let’s find out by listing its advantages and disadvantages!

Advantages of using WhatsApp companies

Among the advantages that remain to be seen of the app include:

  • Saves time since we have at our disposal an effective communication channel with which to answer questions and address complaints from Internet users.
  • Helps build trust and give visibility to the company. It will be another channel in which to show our professional image, as well as the values and philosophy of the company.
  • On the other hand, we have the option to segment users according to whether they are current customers, potential, or based on their demands and profiles.
  • Personalized interaction with the user is another advantage of using WhatsApp Business in businesses. Not only we will offer a better user experience, but it will also serve as a face to loyalty.
  • In turn, the exchange of information will be done more quickly and directly. The response time of this mobile app is much shorter than email. Not forgetting the real-time dialogue that improves communication.
  • A friendlier connection with customers is achieved. And, according to the data, it is one of the favorite applications of Internet users. Also, to communicate with companies.
  • By reading the data and metrics provided by the application (messages sent and read) we will know the success of the strategy we have created.

And some drawbacks of this tool for brands

As for the cons, we must talk about:

  • The need for a member or several of the company to be aware of WhatsApp Business to respond to customers in the shortest possible time.
  • At the moment there is no option to integrate a CRM or other similar platforms for customer management.
  • You also can’t, at least for now, install bots.
  • As for message automation, it is limited.
  • It can mean a greater demand on the part of the client since it would demand immediate answers. Internet users are usually very impatient!

With the advantages on one side of the scale and the disadvantages on the other side, you can decide if it is really a useful tool for your business.

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