What is social intelligence for companies?

Knowing the customer, whether current or potential, is key to offering them the best products, meeting their needs, and increasing their user experience. What is social intelligence and how can it help the study of consumers?

Social intelligence: What is it and what is it used for?

Social intelligence, as a technology or market research tool focuses on obtaining valuable information about the public by managing large amounts of data (big data) from various sources.

In this way, you can design, define, and plan a strategy that helps achieve the objectives. That facilitates decision-making and is based on the data collected.

Is it really something useful for businesses?

Keeping the focus on consumers has always been one of the facets of marketing. However, with a changing society like ours in which technology is increasingly present. And consumers are increasingly active, it is necessary to have processes that not only allow market segmentation. But also give us information about our target audience in real time.

Carrying out fast, accurate and reliable investigations is not only an advantage for the company. It is also for the client who can see their needs met in the shortest possible time.

On the other hand, in addition to getting a complete view of the types of buyers or users, you can study competitors. And even get to discover new audiences.

Within what strategies or tactics can it be implemented?

As part of a commercial, business or marketing strategy, social intelligence is not only useful for organizing the audience according to their age, tastes, or location. But it allows you to go one step further.

Identification of the target audience

Through social intelligence, companies or businesses can easily identify their target audience. The data collected will be studied to design the business strategy.

Audience segmentation

Once the group or market niche is identified, it can be segmented into as many groups as proposals are going to be created for them. The user experience is optimized, and sales funnel processes are streamlined.

Media Planning

The detailed study of the audience will be very useful and relevant when allocating both the budget, as well as the media, channels, and platforms. Or even the campaigns that are going to be carried out. The relationship with Internet users improves. But real-time feedback also becomes more efficient and profitable for everyone.

Identification of Internet users on social networks

Social intelligence offers great possibilities in terms of identification and segmentation by small groups in social networks. Consumers move on these platforms. But, although they sympathize with a brand, they present very different qualities, tastes and demands. That’s why this tool is so advantageous.

What do you think? Do you think social intelligence is an interesting tool for your business?

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