Are virtual events interesting for hardware businesses?

Knowing what virtual events are, the types, advantages and how to carry them out, can give you the right answer to the question of whether or not it will be an effective and advantageous tool for hardware businesses. Let’s look at it in detail!

What are virtual events?

As the name suggests, virtual events are digitally held (non-face-to-face) meetings, through a digital medium or platform. They develop a company-led theme that is of interest to attendees.

Most of these virtual events use streaming programs (real time), so it can be as much or more interesting than a physical meeting.

What are the main types of virtual events?

In this section we can distinguish:

  1. Virtual conferences

Virtual events are performed as planned in the content agenda; they are focused on a particular topic.

  1. Virtual meetings

This is a multi-team virtual meeting to discuss issues related to a business topic.

  1. Virtual fairs

In this case, the attendees (virtual) know the different exhibitors obtaining demonstrations of the products or services in which they are interested.

  1. Webinars

A webinar is defined as a videoconference in which content is communicated in video format. You can teach a course, a talk or a seminar. Its purpose is informative or commercial.

What are the advantages for a business of developing virtual events?

As for the advantages that result from conducting such online meetings, we highlight…

  • It is a great alternative as well as an effective solution so as not to lose the link with customers. Especially when they are far away, they are in another country and cannot be held for face-to-face meetings.
  • It allows you to capture the attention of those sectors that, for different reasons, you would be more difficult to access them in person.
  • In virtual events the costs are reduced. It is true that you must have the right technology but, generally, it will be cheaper than conducting meetings physically.
  • Online meetings are held in related sectors, i.e. with participants whose objectives fit ours.
  • Events can be recorded without the cost of moving a technical team. This is very useful because you can listen it again, extract data, solve questions and analyze the content in detail.


How to hold these online meetings, keys to consider

To perform a virtual event, of whatever type, we will focus on the following aspects:

  1. Firstly, to carry out virtual events, you must have a suitable technological platform.
  2. Secondly, the objectives must be set: what do we want to achieve with the event? Do we want to publicize a new product? Are we just looking to stay in touch with our customers?
  3. The objectives and the content to be addressed at the meeting are defined.
  4. And, once the event is over, it is time to measure results. This is another key to consider as well as a great advantage: we can measure the results easily. See if it is been profitable. If the objectives have been achieved. What needs to be improved for the next event.

Now that you know in detail what virtual events are and how you can take advantage of them, you can decide if it will be one more tool to include in your company’s strategy.

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