Trash can with auto-opening sensor system.

Today, at IBMH, we want to talk to you about our new featured product. It is a trash can with auto-opening sensor system. Designed in stainless steel, it becomes the perfect complement to the most avant-garde kitchens. Read on and you will discover all the advantages of adding this product to your catalog today.

Discover the multifunctional stainless-steel sorting trash can with sensor


The automatic trash can with sensor that you can purchase with total guarantee of success through IBMH is the best solution for today’s kitchens. Why? Because, thanks to its sensor, it can be used without touching, and because due to its innovative design, it will no longer have to hide under the shelf, now it will become another decorative element of the kitchen.

In addition, this trash can with auto-opening system is opened by the sensor that makes it automatically uncover by simply approaching the lid. But these are not the only advantages of trash can with sensor, there are still many other things to value.

The main advantages of multifunctional stainless-steel trash can

Among the advantages of these modern trash can with auto-opening sensor system, it is worth highlighting the following…

  • When opening automatically when the sensor is activated when we are near the lid, we do not need to touch the trash can at all. An option that is helpful if our hands are full.
  • The less the trash can is touched, the less the options to be in contact with germs and bacteria.
  • Waste remains hidden in the trash can and smells neutralized.
  • Models feature a garbage separator which makes recycling much easier.
  • Being made of resistant materials such as stainless-steel, their quality and durability are optimal. In addition, thanks to their excellent design, these trash cans are also a decorative element of the kitchen.
  • They are very easy to clean, even on the edges and frames, as they have no ridges or grooves in which dirt can be accumulated.


What are the characteristics of trash cans with auto-opening sensor system?

Now let’s look at the general features of the trash can with auto-opening sensor system:

  • Very easy to clean stainless-steel lid.
  • Made of 430 stainless-steel material.
  • Screen sensing button.
  • Odor filter.
  • Switch at backside.
  • 4-piece AA removable battery placement.
  • Ozone sterilization function.
  • Large capacity to recycle garbage with separator to create two spaces.
  • The lid can be opened directly through the hole designed in the lid for such use.
  • The bottom has a roller that facilitates the movement of the trash can.
  • Available in two models, 50 and 60 liters in silver or white.

Trash cans with auto-opening sensor system are an essential product for those who take care of all the details and do not want anything to detach in the decoration of their kitchen. Do not hesitate to contact IBMH to incorporate to your catalog. In addition, we will tell you all the advantages that our Strategic Sourcing service has for your business, for your furniture hardware purchases in China.