You can now import extra-slim drawer from China with IBMH

Now you can import with IBMH the extra-slim drawer from China, the perfect complement to the modern home. It is an element designed for office and home furniture, for example, for kitchens and bathrooms, which will highlight for its functionality, high quality and innovative design. The drawer slides smoothly and silently and also allows great storage. Know the features and advantages of extra-slim drawer, it will be the new star of your furniture and construction hardware catalog.

How is the extra-slim drawer you can import with IBMH?

The extra-slim drawer is available in various sizes perfect to suit the needs of office or home stays, such as the bathroom, kitchen or living room. Its quiet and smoothness when closing perfectly meet customer requirements. In turn, it has a side-mount rail and high-quality guides. Features that make its functionality optimal. The built-in slide allows the drawer to slide smoothly and open easily.

Technical details of extra-slim drawer

Ya puedes imYou can now import extra-slim drawer from China with IBMHportar el cajón extra-slim de China con IBMH

Knowing the technical features of our new featured product will give you an idea of everything it means to incorporate it into your hardware catalog:

  • This is a high-quality drawer designed in straight and stylized lines.
  • It has a new and modern finish in white and anthracite grey.
  • It has a large volume capacity thanks to its extra-thin rails.
  • Simple extension guides have a maximum load capacity of 20 kilos.
  • Full extension guides have a maximum load capacity of 30 kilos.
  • As for the total extraction guides, they allow optimal access to the elements stored inside.
  • Partial extraction guides achieve an equally smooth and quiet closure.
  • 5mm left and right adjustable front panel.
  • The product is available in height 80 and 150 mm.
  • If we talk about the depth of the extra-slim drawer the sizes are 270, 300, 350, 400, 450, 500 and 550 mm, which are numerous options in terms of furniture design.


The advantages of the modern extra-slim drawer

You can now import extra-slim drawer from China with IBMH

Modern, elegant and avant-garde design that adapts to all kinds of rooms, from kitchens to bathrooms, furniture for the living room and even dressing rooms. And it is also worth noting that…

  1. Easy assembly as it comes in kit format so there is no need to perform machining and internal regulation.
  2. Easy disassembling for cleaning.
  3. Its size allows to maximize the internal volume of the drawer.
  4. Space saving, the objects will be perfectly stored inside.
  5. It has a thin and linear structure of the current trends.

If you want to import the extra-slim drawer from China with IBMH to include it in your furniture hardware catalog, don’t think about it anymore and contact us today. We will tell you everything our purchasing management service in China can do to improve the profitability of your imports.