the best tool for furniture hardware importers

We want to show you our Procurement Management Platform (PMP), the best tool for furniture hardware importers in our industry. PMP is an exclusive tool for clients of IBMH, they already work with it,  importers of Chinese furniture hardware. Our platform/personal assistant allows you 24/7 tracking of everything IBMH manages for your business.

Control, supervise and manage your furniture and construction hardware imports from China in real time, as if you were there.

With IBMH PMP, you will have an exclusive personal assistant to consult and access at any time, from anywhere: track your imports in real time, from order placement to the arrival of your products at the country of destination.

Why PMP  is the best tool for furniture hardware importers:

• Provides absolute control over the products that are managed through complete technical sheets created on the platform.

• Collects all necessary information in technical sheets for requested sourcing products, preventing any possible errors in the quotes you want to request from Chinese manufacturers.

• Has an utility that allows you to define the marking on the pieces of your choice with your logo.

• Access to quality controls designed for you to supervise them at any time.

• Allows you to manage sending and receipt of samples with complete trackability during the entire process.

• Option to view products by manufacturing location/region in China in order to group them and make the most of your container shipments.

• Helps you with automatic calculations of the load capacity of containers so you can use them efficiently.

Also, IBMH is positioned as the Leading Company in Customer Relationship Management. We are the first company in the Hardware Industry to offer a free APP that is now available in both the Apple Store and Google Play.


No one else has a tool like this one! PMP is the best tool for furniture and construction hardware importers and is ours. It was imagined, designed, developed and created by IBMH, your Strategic Sourcing Office in China.