tambour doors

Today we want to talk to you about a hardware item that is trending in the latest kitchens: tambour doors. A product that has become the best solution to organize the available space. A useful method that is easy to incorporate into the room’s design, attractive and economical. This hardware, also known as roll up cabinet doors, is one that is already being used by the vast majority of kitchen manufacturers.

Tambour doors are generally used in corner cabinets where a regular door isn’t a viable option because the opening angle doesn’t permit one. But the truth is, they are becoming increasingly popular on any type of cabinet because of that modern touch they offer.

PVC tambour doors, the best option

Today, there are many different types of roll up doors. The most common are those made from aluminum in various finishes (even chalkboard finish), electric or automatic tambour doors… but in this post, we want to focus on PVC tambour doors. This type of roll up cabinet door, besides being a practical and attractive solution, has another advantage: its price.

tambour doors

Features of plastic tambour doors made in China:

  • • It consists of a high-quality extruded PVC base. The most common finish applied is a coat of paint that gives it an appearance similar to aluminum. It is also available in multiple colors, such as gold, white, gray, and others… making it easy to adapt to any design.
  • • Each of the PVC frames that form it keep air in their interior. This allows them to function as thermal insulators, which is particularly useful when storing food.
  • • Its clip system to assemble the component parts is highly durable, guaranteeing a longer useful life for the product.
  • • Innovative design and top-quality materials.
  • • Very simple installation.

Make no mistake, all of these features are a clear sign that this is a product you can’t miss in your catalogue.

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