Swing Trays Corner Hardware made of Steel with Non-slip Base, is also known as Lemans, Kidney Hardware, Swivel Trays and Rotating Lathes. This semicircular carousel is ideal for use in furniture or cabinets of integral kitchens.

This hardware belongs to the Corner category, also known as Hardware for Corner Furniture, Removable Corner, Hardware for Corner Cabinets and Corner. It has an excellent extraction mechanism that provides a perfectly balanced movement when removing the shelves from the cabinet.

This hardware is especially suitable for use in furniture or corner cabinets, as it is the ideal solution by combining a high degree of space utilization with a truly impressive aesthetics and design. The hardware in China for the interior corners of kitchen furniture are really an important aid to the optimum use of the spaces, because, usually, these corners are the less efficiently used due to the difficult access that the user has to the interior contents of the furniture.

The solutions for corner furniture that we suggest from IBMHCORP, are composed of a series of functional hardware of a high quality technically superior to other traditional hardware that are on the market and that initially fulfill the same function.

For example, in the removable tray of the Lemans type, with soft closing system, it is practically fully extracted, it has the precise sensitivity to be gently moved to open or close with the simple movement of a finger. In addition to this, when activating the soft closure, we get a so precise damping system that at no time the things it contains are at risk of moving or falling, because its movement is really smooth and harmonic. The recommendation of IBMHCORP ensures a long life in all its components.

The shelves have an optimum load capacity and are also perfectly accessible for both loading and unloading of products. All pots and pans find their place in this hardware, in which you can also access them in a very comfortable and simple way.

The trays can be moved independently. This hardware has an exclusive DUPONT ARENA anti-slip system in all its baskets, which prevents its contents can be moved during the opening or closing movement of the hardware.

This Chinese hardware has a remarkable improvement in its dynamic swinging technique, with an almost floating movement, that places the trays completely outside the cabinet or corner cabinet in the kitchen.

There are many bad copies of hardware in the market, which at first glance seem to have the same benefits, but once you test them, you quickly realize that they have a significantly lower quality, because their internal mechanisms make the hardware to move too hard, needing to exert extra strength when you open it. In addition, in this type of hardware for importing furniture from China, the soft closing systems they have are usually hard to activate, which causes a very bad feeling to the end user of the hardware.