mocha closets and wardrobes furniture hardware


IBMH has collaborated on the creation of a line of very innovative accessories for use inside closets and wardrobes. A line mocha closets and wardrobes furniture hardware highly special, created exclusively for wardrobes interiors.

The interior design scheme is done entirely in the increasingly popular coffee or mocha color, very in-demand in European countries such as the UK, Italy, Spain and Portugal, among others, thanks to the excellent design and functionality of all these accessories, which are specifically designed for closets and wardrobes. IBMH, as your Strategic Sourcing office for furniture hardware in China, could help you with get this fantastic product.

Features of the mocha closets and wardrobes furniture hardware

mocha closets and wardrobes furniture hardware

  • 1. An aluminum frame, to which all sorts of additional accessories can be added: shoe racks, wire baskets, metal drawers, a cloth hamper for dirty laundry, wooden drawer organizers, and even rods with  nonslip rubber for hanging trousers.
  • 2. Extensible frame to a width of 50 mm, allowing it to adapt to any hole inside the closet.
  • 3. Hidden slider tracks with a smooth, silent closing mechanism of the highest quality, with a high weight capacity and a quick, automatic clip system to attach it to the aluminum frame.
  • 4. Highly durable, corrosion-resistant telescoping rails. These variables are very important to IBMH, which is why, in each production, we perform a chemical analysis of the materials and finishes so    that we can ensure a long life for our recommended products.
  • 5. Numerous pull-out combinations with smooth-close slider tracks. Accessories can be added, such as belt holders, extensible hangers, lateral shoe racks and lateral mirrors.

Make note of this high-end line of mocha closets furniture hardware, because every day we are managing more orders relating to specialized interior accessory lines such as this one. Would your market be interested? You can count on IBMH. Contact us, your Strategic Sourcing Office in China for furniture hardware.