This month we highlight the Concealed Slides, a  Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Chinese  that we manage in China for all our international clients, of higher quality than any other low concealed slide that can be found in China. Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Chinese  that we manage in China for all our international clients, of higher quality than any other low concealed slide that can be found in China.

The concealed slides a Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Chinese hat we import include several constructive differences that make them very different and very special. For example, the concealed slide that from IBMH we recommend has soft close system / Push to Open, covered with a special cover that completely hides the mechanism in a comprehensive manner.

This makes that when installing the concealed slide into the furniture, no chip (wood scrap) contact with the damping system that possesses the concealed slide, thus avoiding possible guide noise and a more than possible deterioration of the slide during the continued use.

In other traditional  China Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Chinese , much of this chip comes into direct contact with the soft close system / piston and spring, causing accelerated wear of the mechanism, unnecessary noises and a much less hardware life.

Also, we should take into account that almost all factories of these concealed slides outsource any part of their production, since not all parties that make up the concealed slides are specifically manufactured by themselves, either the plastic connectors, the damping system, or any other part. This means that they cannot control 100% quality and above all the stability of the product over time, since in some orders they will use the parts and components made in a factory, and in other orders they will use the components made in other factories, depending on the price in each time.

The factories that from IBMHCORP we recommend to all our international customers, are those which design and manufacture 100% all of their own components, which manage to control the quality, but above all we mostly achieve that the final product is stable and 100% the same over time.

Another very important point of Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Chinese  is the weight of the concealed slide, since what we recommend from IBMHCORP is to have a weight in grams higher than all those that can be usually found in China. This means a greater resistance to weight; likewise, the slide is not square shape in its internal structure. Vertices are similar to a hexagon making it much more resistant to both load and vertical movements.

We should bear in mind that many times the installer does not accurately measures, as installation manuals shown, and the slide naturally makes a conical move to enter and exit, with this special shape it does not match, the slide supports better this Not Natural movement and therefore makes opening and closing much more reliable, stable and durable over time.

Another feature that can be seen with the naked eye is the fixing side plate to the cabinet. Many concealed slides have 2 sections, one at each end of the slide to be able to set it to the side of the cabinet. This saves material in the manufacture of the product.

On the other hand, the concealed slide is much less firm and tough, as it has fewer points of contact with the furniture. This causes a significant decrease in both the total capacity of the concealed slide and a greater leverage effect which causes premature wear of the hardware throughout the time.

The concealed slides that we recommend from IBMH, has a single long and continuous plate, whereupon the installer can put many more fixation points to the furniture making a much more homogeneous and resistant weight distribution, avoiding the effect.

One of the main features of the concealed slides, which from IBMHCORP we recommend, is that it is a synchronized slide; i.e. the 3 bodies of the slide move together thus lengthening its useful life, reducing noise, avoiding hits and significantly improving the perception and usability of the end customer when opening the drawer that has been installed using this concealed slides.

We have to bear in mind that the wear of the slide is the same throughout the length of the hardware, since it is not concentrated in a single area, also a synchronized slide does not produce unpleasant noise caused by other concealed slides that are not synchronized.

Another very important differentiation in Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Chinese  is the braking quality. The force that stops the slide when closing the drawer is perfectly balanced, as well as the smoothness and soundness. This balance is very difficult to achieve, because many slides, when braking, give such a strong blow when the soft closing is activated, that its internal load even gets to move, besides the unpleasant sound that causes.

On the other hand, if this brake is too soft it does not manage to brake the drawer when it is loaded. Therefore, the perfect balance between these two variables is very difficult to achieve.

From IBMH we have been able to customize and perfectly adapt the piston force and the force of the tensioning spring, so that both are adapted and customized to the perfection according to the length of the rails.

With this personalization of Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Chinese  we achieve that, for example in a drawer 300mm of depth installed with concealed slides, the force that the end user has to do when opening the drawer is almost imperceptible and different from the force that he has to do when it comes to a drawer with 500mm of depth.

In addition, the load and braking capacity of both slides must be completely different and 100% adapted, which from IBMHCORP we have achieved perfectly, getting a final hardware at a technical level completely different from any other similar hardware that can be found in a standard way in the Chinese market.