Push-Open 30N Opening Device with Mechanical Latch from IBMH

The push-to-open 30N opening device with a mechanical latch from IBMH is a cutting-edge product designed for easy door opening in cabinets and drawers. Its simple installation makes it a star product, and you can now incorporate it into your hardware catalog with our professional management.

New 30N Push-Open Opening Device

Dispositivo de apertura por empuje 30N, con pestillo mecánico de IBMH

Thanks to its innovative design, this opening device ensures effortless opening and closing of cabinet doors or drawers. The robust and high-quality push latch allows access to the drawer by simply pressing the door, eliminating the need for handles or knobs.

This non-magnetic device features a snap-in design that securely holds the drawer when the door is closed, preventing accidental opening common with weak magnetic devices.

Equipped with a 30N spring mechanism

The 30N spring mechanism in this opening device provides the necessary grip while allowing easy release with a gentle push. The system is strong enough to keep the doors closed yet flexible enough for easy disengagement with a simple press to unlock the opening mechanism.

Technical features of the push mechanism

Dispositivo de apertura por empuje 30N, con pestillo mecánico de IBMH

This hardware is designed to adapt to any door, including heavier ones like those in cabinets or wardrobes up to 200 cm in height and 80 cm in width. Some of its technical features include:

  • Made of durable POM plastic material.
  • Available in an 87mm length, meeting customer demands effectively.
  • Strong 30N holding and releasing force.
  • The opening device features a new design with a quiet mechanical locking system and a stylish gray finish that complements cabinets of various styles.


Advantages of IBMH’s mechanical latch opening device

Its main advantage is its ability to facilitate easy opening of the furniture, which is particularly helpful when hands are occupied. However, there are other benefits you should be aware of:

  1. Its elegant and minimalist design adapts well to the aesthetics of modern and classic furniture.
  2. Ideal for the opening of doors and drawers, even in cases where a magnetic device may fail due to excessive weight.
  3. Silent opening and closing, with no jarring movements.
  4. Easy installation, even for non-experts. Maintenance and cleaning are simple, requiring just a wipe down with a damp cloth as you would on the furniture surface.
  5. This opening device ensures efficient storage within the drawer or cabinet, saving space.


Consult our team of experts and incorporate this innovative opening device into your catalog with the help of our professional management.

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