At IBMH we not only conduct purchasing management in China and comprehensive Quality Control of products from Cabinet Hardware China Supplier , but we also deal with all communication problems and misunderstandings that may arise. All this to find the most economical, quick and easy way to improve your profits and your business.

The fact is that in order to obtain a high quality hardware made in China from  Cabinet Hardware China Supplier, it is not enough to know exactly your technical and packaging needs, as well as expectations regarding your Target Price. The Chinese supplier must really understand how the product works; and if he is a third-party supplier, we must be much more cautious in our orders.

Experienced importers already know the common misunderstandings when working with Chinese suppliers. However, beginning importers are more likely to mistakenly believe that their supplier has the same concepts as him in quality control in China. Believing this can lead to quality problems, production and delays in shipping from Cabinet Hardware China Supplier.


At IBMH we use specific ways to communicate with our suppliers, through:

Overcome the language barrier, which can cause a Cabinet Hardware China Supplier to misunderstand the requirements. Commercial staff working as a Chinese provider often use English with foreigners, but there is no guarantee of their English level. In addition, the knowledge at the technical level of these people who are responsible only for sales, is always null, which means that everything that the importer tries to explain at a technical level to this inexpert person in technical subjects, later this commercial staff has to explain it in Cabinet Hardware China Supplier to the factory engineer, what do you think is going to happen? After surely many minutes of communication between them, the degree of understanding will probably be very scarce, since to be able to explain a product at a technical level, you have to know the product and even more if you have to explain it in a language that is not you natural language.

Therefore, from IBMHCORP in addition to sending, reviewing and analyzing the product specifications exclusively through our Comprehensive Computer Management System, we meet as many times as necessary with the factory engineers, to explain them directly in Chinese language all the technical details that have been previously established by our international clients.

IBMH emails to Chinese Manufacturers are banned, absolutely everything is communicated to the manufacturers through a direct access to our computer management system.

– We follow up with phone calls. The idea is not to communicate things by phone, but to reinforce the information we have already sent through our computerized purchasing management system in China.

– From IBMH, we do not use tools as online chat, such as WeChat, QQ or any other, since these media produce the total lack of traceability in the negotiations that we are carrying out with these manufacturers at any time.