Phygital Experience: What It Is and Its Main Advantages

The phygital experience, besides being innovative, offers the possibility of complementing physical experiences with digital ones. That’s why more and more companies are embracing it. In the following lines, we’ll tell you exactly what it consists of and what its main advantages are.

The phygital trend responds to changes in consumer habits where the increased use of mobile devices takes precedence. But it’s also an excellent marketing strategy to enhance sales opportunities.

What is the phygital experience

The term “phygital” combines offline and online strategies. In other words, it’s a method that seeks to merge the advantages of both worlds to provide consumers with the best and most immersive experience possible.

In this sense, digital companies open physical stores, while physical ones venture into the world of digital applications. For example, virtual exhibition rooms that complement physical ones, the option to buy cinema tickets at a digital kiosk, or the possibility to order dinner at a restaurant through an app. A world of possibilities that extends to all sectors.

Advantages to consider: why invest in phygital

Building the brand experience by combining physical and digital aspects has several advantages, which we will enumerate.

  • The phygital experience is excellent for attracting young buyers who are increasingly active in the digital world.
  • It provides the opportunity to offer immediate, immersive, and, no less important, personalized experiences. The message reaches the user in a close and credible manner.
  • Content is delivered based on individual preferences and needs. For example, messages and special offers are sent through geolocation when users pass by physical stores.
  • This approach to the public allows for creating close relationships, as well as analyzing the behavior of current and potential customers through Big Data technology.
  • Similarly, we need to mention ROI. This strategy provides a higher return on investment.

 This is how the phygital experience works

The phygital experience, through marketing actions, aims to enhance the interaction between brands and customers. What specific actions are we referring to?

  1. Use of technology. Employing means such as interactive screens, chatbots, or even artificial intelligence, combined with instant messaging channels and QR codes, enables real and dynamic interaction.
  2. Virtual and physical store experiences. The idea is to create actions and strategies that focus on both physical and digital channels in an original and engaging way. This allows users to experience the product before making a purchase.
  3. Integration with social networks. In addition to communication with customers, social networks are used to promote products or services at events and fairs, or through specific campaigns that lead to physical stores.


It seems that the phygital experience is just taking its first steps. Will it become the next digital revolution?

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