New! handle locks for heavy-duty doors

At IBMH we introduce you to the features and advantages of the new heavy-duty door handle locks that come to expand our wide range of usual locks. Do you want to know everything it would mean to incorporate it into your hardware catalog with us? Read on and you’ll find out!

What IBMH’s new heavy-duty door handle locks look like

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Heavy-duty door handle locks are characterized by being crafted from a high-quality reinforced mechanism. In addition, they are coated with high strength materials which gives them longer life and improved performance compared to any other standard line.

The parts and elements that are most exposed to environmental aggressions are made of high-quality stainless steel.

Handle locks are available in two models with different finishes

These locks are available in two rosette (or cover) models of square or round design. In turn, the handles are presented in different styles: straight, curved and old design, which is of great help to satisfy both modern and classic tastes.

In terms of finishes, their improved thicknesses are stronger. They remain intact for longer and only require minimal maintenance. 

Technical details of door handle locks

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Let’s go on to detail the main technical characteristics of the new IBMH locks:

  • Handle locks are ready to be installed on doors from 30mm to 45mm thick.
  • They are suitable for doors of all kinds, such as entrance, bedroom and bathroom.
  • Support more than 200,000 duty cycles. These cycles exceed the regulations in force in several countries.
  • The locks include an installation template in addition to all the necessary screws.
  • Its finishes in nickel satin, glossy gold, bronze and chrome are perfect and very elegant. In addition, they are ideal to meet the expectations and tastes of the end customer.


Why importing these locks with IBMH is the best option for your business

Importing new heavy-duty door handle locks with IBMH is the best choice for your hardware business. Firstly, because we manage in the most professional way our customers’ imports. Secondly, because we have more than 20 years of experience in the hardware sector. And, thirdly, because our efforts are always focused on improving the conditions of purchase of our customers, so that they increase their profitability with their imports.

Contact us and check everything we can do for your business, managing your purchases of locks and any other hardware for furniture and construction that you need in China.