At IBMH we have clear ideas when it comes to help our customers to import quality products in China: we must always be very demanding on our inspection and quality control processes. Only in this way we can guarantee that the product purchased in China by our customers meets technical requirements previously set by them. For this reason it is always needed a professional service of quality control prior to shipment and sending of the order to the destination country.

One of the advantages of controlling quality in China with IBMH is that your products always arrive in good condition and without unforeseen. Rigorous processes of quality control that IBMH performs in China, manage to prevent our clients to have some kind of uncertainty when it comes to open the doors of the container in the destination country.


In addition, it is very important to control the quality in China through standardized processes and with true professionals very experienced on the product which is intended to inspect. Otherwise, errors can get very expensive.

The quality control system in China offered by IBMH is, without any doubt, the best in China at the moment. One of the reasons is that our customers, when they analyse our inspection report, thanks to its exclusive presentation in Web format, with images and videos in high resolution, they always have the feeling of being present in the factory during our inspection processes. In addition, IBMH procedures are unique and exclusive when quality inspections are made in China, because we have more than 15 years of experience performing this task in China.


In addition to being the only ones to present our quality controls in web format, we are also the only ones to repeat again and again the inspection until the report has been given as approved by our quality control inspectors, and all this without involving additional cost for our customers.


We can repeat the same factory inspection up to 3 times, but from the third inspection, if we cannot consider the product as valid, we directly proceed to put pressure on the supplier to return to our client the money paid as a deposit at the time of the confirmation of the order. There has being few times in which we have been forced to take this action, but it is important that our customers know that, with IBMH, their economic investments in China are always insured.


At IBMH, we handle all the possibilities of failure and success in international purchases. Do not miss the opportunity to work with true experts in controlling the quality in China.