Buying furniture hardware in China is no longer a job that causes you headaches, as at IBMH we have 16 years in the market working directly with the best manufacturers of furniture hardware in China and enjoying all its benefits, being the main thing the ability to obtain products of the best quality and innovative design to install, accommodate and combine in your home, office, business, etc.

Import furniture hardware

If you want to improve the appearance of your kitchen, we offer you the best materials on the market, such as the PVC socket with anodized aluminum foil of the best quality you can get on the market. Normally on the market you can find sockets made of recycled materials up to 4 times, which makes this product very economical due to its recycling; but at the same time, a product made from recycled raw material will never have the same finish as one whose raw material is original and has not been intervened or affected.

On the other hand, the adhesives used for the installation of the socket should be used depending on the climate in which they will be located, since the same adhesive for cold surfaces does not work in the same way as in hot surfaces, whose defect is mainly that the adhesive does not stick properly. The socket has many advantages, among others prevent dirt or moisture from seeping into the kitchen furniture, improving the modern look and respecting the aesthetics of the interior that you are looking for.

PVC Socket – Silver Aluminum

The PVC Socket – Silver Aluminum, or Plinth, is mainly available in two different finishes: Silver Aluminum and Aluminum with Stainless Steel effect, which is possible to be manufactured with the finish that the client wishes, highly adaptable since it is available in the measurements 100mm, 120mm, 150mm, 180mm and up to 200mm. With a soft rubber in the floor of the best quality, it prevents dirt and moisture creating an impenetrable barrier that at the same time works as a leveler for the surfaces where they have been installed.