The well-known interior design scheme of the chrome closet is a set of hardware for wardrobes and closets, which can be easily found anywhere thanks to their accessible prices in the market.

At IBMH, we are responsible for offering, supplying and importing furniture hardware from China of the highest quality and from the best sources, because, apart from being a practical solution, it is a highly effective improvement that allows you to simplify and obtain a great look at a fair price, with the best professional finish you can find on the market.

Buy furniture hardware from China

The different Furniture Hardware Manufacturers in China only offer their products individually, such that buying or obtaining a set of hardware in a single order may be very expensive or even impossible. This is why buying furniture hardware from China tends to be a wholesale and generic purchase. At IBMH, we work to give you access to what you need in the necessary quantity and variety, offering the widest variety of hardware that you can find. For example, trouser rack hardware, ideal for placement in wardrobes and closets thanks to the practical metal sliding guide which creates a pull-out pants rack that doesn’t require a specific measurement or width for installation.

The different models we are able to offer you at IBMH, such as the one described above, have hollowed metal rods which provide a robust appearance, manufactured with solid rods, consequently reducing costs while also creating the look and aesthetic that you want to emulate, allowing you to make the most of the space available in your closets and wardrobes, facilitating organization, distribution, cleaning and easy access to your clothes.

Shoe rack and wardrobe lift hardware

If you are searching for more options, we offer furniture hardware from China like shoe rack hardware with a support used as shoe shelves. Thanks to its pull-out feature, it can be installed in different wardrobes and closets, while installing the rack individually can reduce the costs of your project. On the other hand, the swinging closet rod on the wardrobe lift allows for installation in different spaces; the smooth movement from the hydraulic system can be easily closed, offering a practical way to store your garments, etc. The pull-out baskets, tie rack pull outs and belt holders, among many others, are pieces you can use to easily outfit your closet in a chrome design at prices that only IBMH can offer you.