hardware in China with integrated soft-closing

This past year, we have realized that there has been an increase in manufacturing of furniture hardware in China with integrated soft-closing, resulting in a novel, game-changing product that is being very well received in the industry.

Metal box with soft-closing

Occasionally, we have talked about the Metal Box (also known as the Metal Side Panels, Metal Drawer, Drawer Side Panel or Metabox). If you remember, the Metal Box had 3 unique features that, when combined, make it an unbeatable hardware item:

  • • Different body widths
  • • Variety of profile lengths
  • • Range of heights
  • • Countless finishes

The Metal Box is suitable for any living area, office or commercial space. And now that we have added built-in soft-closing on top of its original features, its value is unquestionable.


Epoxy Runners with soft-closing

On the other hand, within the manufacturing of furniture hardware in China with integrated soft-closing, are the Epoxy Runners. These runners are also known as Runner Slides, Drawer Slides, Roller Slides, Roller Runners, Drawer Runners, Drawer Glides or Euro Slide Runners. Its epoxy surface finish ensures a high level of scratch resistance and superior shine.

In addition, these fantastic runners:

  • • Are available in different thicknesses, allowing them to adapt to any market segment.
  • • Come in 4 different RAL finishes to adapt perfectly to the finish of the cabinetry in which it is installed. (White RAL 9001, Black RAL 9005, Silver Gray RAL 9006 and Brown RAL 8014).
  • • Have countersunk holes so that the screw heads don’t cause any scratches as they slide.
  • • Have slider wheels made in different finishes, such as: POM, NYLON, ABS, PP, etc. Without a doubt, the POM (polyoxymethylene) finish is the best option. It is mainly used for technical parts in which its      mechanical properties give it an advantage over other plastics. POM offers several qualities, including: better resistance to wear, good elasticity and less water absorption.
  • • Offer a wide selection of highly durable materials and a careful fit, providing excellent stability and a slow-close that works even with a dynamic load of 25 kg.

In conclusion, we hope that this industry news helps you with some extra knowledge to apply to your business. At IBMH, we will continue keeping you up to date on all the latest news related to hardware and accessories in the furniture and construction industry in order to help you gain a competitive advantage.